Wednesday, August 12, 2015

so when does a stash become a hoard?

Because I finally updated my fabric gallery, just with all the Crafty Kitten fabrics I've purchased since whenever the last time I updated was (probably over two years ago), and...

Yeah. Somehow I had 24 "undocumented" pieces of CK fabric that needed to be added!

Here's all of them in their colorful glory. All except two are FQs.

*sigh* I'm probably going to craft hoarder's hell for this. Except that would be heaven, right? Just imagine digging through and petting everyone's stash for all eternity!

Unless, of course, you're not allowed to touch any of it. :(

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a fabric problem. :p

By the way, the fabrics are...
Aleanna's Garden, Amethyst Dream, Aurora, Autumnal Woodland
Buttercup, Cherry Blossom, Enchanting Aurora, Fairy Wings
Glacial Ice, Hint of Autumn, Hummingbird, June 2015
May 2015, May 2015, Midnight Roses, Moondust
Peacock, Snapdragon, Strawberry Sorbet, Sunlit Heath
Sunset Garden, Sunset Garden, Tropical Seas, Winter Skies

Yes, there are duplicates. Yes, it was unintentional. Yes, I feel like a hoarder. No, I did not order this all at once. No, I am not being paid to advertise Crafty Kitten. :p

And no, I'm not sharing! :3


  1. Wow, I wish I had your stash! What beautiful fabrics!

  2. I adore aurora! I'm the same way with fabrics they're my favorite part of stitching. I dye my own and my favorite part of the whole process is the actual dyeing part. It's so satisfying seeing how they turn out.

  3. Beautiful fabrics! I believe I can take the blame for one of them though. Let's share the responsibility if you end up on Fabric Hoarders!

  4. Wow beautiful fabric
    I am not a fabric hoarder( own mostly plain white ) but i am a kit hoarder
    Own over 40 big kits so i dont know wich one is worse :)
    I am going to stay a way from those really pretty fabrics because the temptation is going to big to buy so i allso become a fabric hoarder
    My pattern stash you can call allso hoarding because i will never ever stitch everything away in 1,2 or 3 life times
    But i am probably not the only stitcher with that problem :)
    Anyway enjoy your lovely stash and i love to see some finishes on those pretty Fabs

  5. Amazing collection here! My favorites would prolly be Aurora and Peacock but there's that blue bias showing. I don't have anything near me that carries such lovely fabrics so my collection is very tiny (two hand-dyes, one from PTP and the other is a Silkweaver). A healthy pile of regular old Aida though.

  6. I would say that that's verging on a hoard. I hope you guard it well, some of them are gorgeous!


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