Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mirabilia RR finish!

I'm alive, I swear! And done with Xenoblade so now I can stitch again. :p

I added South Seas Mermaid to the Mirabilia RR currently in my possession:

I love this design SO MUCH! She's on my bucket list and honestly, I'm tempted to just start her for myself. The fabric for the RR is 28ct evenweave and the beads fit SO WELL, but my stitches don't look as full as they do on my usual 32ct linen. I'm kind of torn between those two factors... I don't normally like 28ct but I can really see how it makes a difference when beading gets dense!

Either way, I'd have to wait a bit to pick up the beads and Kreinik I'm missing before making a start for myself. I had enough leftover from other projects to stitch this block, but not the full design. She's super blingy, especially when you get to her body and seaweed and stuff. :)

Siiiiigh, I want to start a new Mira for myself... :p


  1. Oh, she is so lovely and I can understand that you want to stitch her for yourself again. Great stitching

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! She's one of my favorite Mirabilia mermaids!

  3. Great mermaid. Nora's mermaids do love their bling and treasures!

  4. Wow so pretty and all that bling!!!


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