Monday, August 17, 2015

dense stitching = slow progress!

I feel like I'm not getting much of anywhere, but I know I've put in about ten hours on this since my last post! The area I'm working on is almost solidly stitched, and honestly, much of the remaining work on this piece is the same. It's slow going...

I also finished up the portion of the border I was working on, and I'll need to take a closer look at the recharting I'm doing along the bottom before I continue the border. Bummer, because it's the easiest part of this piece. I guess I should hurry up and finish that so I can take a break from the solid stitching when I need it!

Really itching for a new start, though I'm trying to wait until the next Mira RR bit arrives in the mail so I can pretend that's a new start.

Sooooo tempted to start Etude aux Fraises by Veronique Enginger, though!

Pulled all the threads, cut/ironed my fabric, and made my working copies (color chart, blah). It's all sitting on my coffee table, daring me to start it. Kind of wishing I hadn't started that stupid Cherry Blossoms Biscornu so I could start THIS without guilt instead! Almost tempted to give the started biscornu away to someone else who might enjoy working on it more. I really don't like working on fussy little projects, though I love the look of them when they're completed.

I do like fussy BIG projects, though. Chatelaine, anyone? :p


  1. Lol just stitch it fast then you can do both ;) Nah if you're not enjoying it you should definitely give it away.

  2. My parcel hasn't arrived? That's nearly 2 weeks!

  3. The new chart looks fabulous!!

  4. Those wings are beautiful. I prefer stitching the figure to the border myself!

  5. Wouw it is beautiful :)

    gr. Elisa

  6. Fairy looks stunning! You can really see the shimmer in her wings. Sorry it's a chore but it does look fantastic.
    xo Alicia


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