Monday, August 31, 2015

August/September goals!

It's monthly goal time! Let's see how I did this month...

August goals:
- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time - YES, I will be done on time!
- and ONE of these:
..........reach one corner of Beaded Dragonfly Tile
..........complete one side of Cherry Blossoms Biscornu - almost!
..........complete part 5, 7, or 8 of Fatum - finished part 8 and most of part 7!

Here's my progress on the biscornu:

Yeah, that's a terrible photo, but it's kinda dark in here. This is almost done, just some backstitching, a few specialty stitches, and beads. Then I get to do it all over again for the other side. Sigh. This thing is really tedious, but not quite as bad as I originally thought.

So, need some new goals...

September goals:
- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time
- finish Cherry Blossoms Biscornu
- finish part 5 or 7 of Fatum
- finalize bottom border of Fatum
- sell enough personal goodies to buy the Mira charts on my wishlist

Yup, that should do it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mirabilia RR finish!

I'm alive, I swear! And done with Xenoblade so now I can stitch again. :p

I added South Seas Mermaid to the Mirabilia RR currently in my possession:

I love this design SO MUCH! She's on my bucket list and honestly, I'm tempted to just start her for myself. The fabric for the RR is 28ct evenweave and the beads fit SO WELL, but my stitches don't look as full as they do on my usual 32ct linen. I'm kind of torn between those two factors... I don't normally like 28ct but I can really see how it makes a difference when beading gets dense!

Either way, I'd have to wait a bit to pick up the beads and Kreinik I'm missing before making a start for myself. I had enough leftover from other projects to stitch this block, but not the full design. She's super blingy, especially when you get to her body and seaweed and stuff. :)

Siiiiigh, I want to start a new Mira for myself... :p

Monday, August 17, 2015

dense stitching = slow progress!

I feel like I'm not getting much of anywhere, but I know I've put in about ten hours on this since my last post! The area I'm working on is almost solidly stitched, and honestly, much of the remaining work on this piece is the same. It's slow going...

I also finished up the portion of the border I was working on, and I'll need to take a closer look at the recharting I'm doing along the bottom before I continue the border. Bummer, because it's the easiest part of this piece. I guess I should hurry up and finish that so I can take a break from the solid stitching when I need it!

Really itching for a new start, though I'm trying to wait until the next Mira RR bit arrives in the mail so I can pretend that's a new start.

Sooooo tempted to start Etude aux Fraises by Veronique Enginger, though!

Pulled all the threads, cut/ironed my fabric, and made my working copies (color chart, blah). It's all sitting on my coffee table, daring me to start it. Kind of wishing I hadn't started that stupid Cherry Blossoms Biscornu so I could start THIS without guilt instead! Almost tempted to give the started biscornu away to someone else who might enjoy working on it more. I really don't like working on fussy little projects, though I love the look of them when they're completed.

I do like fussy BIG projects, though. Chatelaine, anyone? :p

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

so when does a stash become a hoard?

Because I finally updated my fabric gallery, just with all the Crafty Kitten fabrics I've purchased since whenever the last time I updated was (probably over two years ago), and...

Yeah. Somehow I had 24 "undocumented" pieces of CK fabric that needed to be added!

Here's all of them in their colorful glory. All except two are FQs.

*sigh* I'm probably going to craft hoarder's hell for this. Except that would be heaven, right? Just imagine digging through and petting everyone's stash for all eternity!

Unless, of course, you're not allowed to touch any of it. :(

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a fabric problem. :p

By the way, the fabrics are...
Aleanna's Garden, Amethyst Dream, Aurora, Autumnal Woodland
Buttercup, Cherry Blossom, Enchanting Aurora, Fairy Wings
Glacial Ice, Hint of Autumn, Hummingbird, June 2015
May 2015, May 2015, Midnight Roses, Moondust
Peacock, Snapdragon, Strawberry Sorbet, Sunlit Heath
Sunset Garden, Sunset Garden, Tropical Seas, Winter Skies

Yes, there are duplicates. Yes, it was unintentional. Yes, I feel like a hoarder. No, I did not order this all at once. No, I am not being paid to advertise Crafty Kitten. :p

And no, I'm not sharing! :3

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I guess I did make progress!

I wasn't going to post for a while since I didn't feel like I'd made progress on Fatum, but now that I look at the pictures I've taken, it's not that bad!

I started a bit on the hair in part 7, then skipped down to finish the rest of the wings, which spill over into parts 11 and 12. I think I've finally chosen how to do the bottom border so I can leave out the text, though I'll poke at it a little more before committing to anything.

Just for fun, here's progress from the last few weeks:

Not super fast, but not bad, considering how little time I've been spending on it. I wish I was more motivated... but I say that about everything, not just stitching. :p

Saturday, August 08, 2015

posting is hard! (July/August goals)

Clearly this is not going to be a good stitching month for me... not even posting goals until more than a week into the month! Been gaming again, and it's taking up a huge amount of my free time. In other words, all of it! (Playing Xenoblade, which totally lives up to the hype!)

Anyway, I'll set some very light goals for the month. :)

How did I do last month before falling into the Xeno pit?

July goals:
- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time - done!
- finish Espressioni - done!
- redo messed up beads on Beaded Dragonfly Tile - done!
- reach one corner of Beaded Dragonfly Tile - almost... :p

Not too bad, actually! But I know I won't have a lot of time this month, so...

August goals:
- stitch/send Mirabilia RR on time
- and ONE of these:
..........reach one corner of Beaded Dragonfly Tile
..........complete one side of Cherry Blossoms Biscornu
..........complete part 5, 7, or 8 of Fatum

Sorry, no pics to share today! I haven't made enough progress on anything lately. :x