Thursday, July 23, 2015

visible progress!

I think I'm going to make that my goal for just about everything. Make visible (or at least noticable) progress in the things that I want to accomplish. I find that I'm the kind of person who finds deadlines and even self-imposed goals to be irritating rather than inspiring.

There's lots of things I want to do every day, like exercise, eat a bit healthier, stitch, study, write, organize, etc etc. And then the periodic things like checking in on our budget, major chores, keeping in contact with family, taking care of important errands, and blah.

Well, you're not here for my ramblings. It's all about the stitchy pics!

So here's my visible progress on Beaded Dragonfly Tile!

Took out that pesky row of beads that didn't fit and redid it, plus I added all the other beads that go around the inside of that inner border. It's still a bit annoying that they couldn't all be facing the same way, but it's either rotate them or never finish stitching soooo...

Anyway, I think it looks pretty good, and if you view it from a distance you'd never notice that some of the beads were facing the opposite way.

And a closeup of the corner I'm working on! There's actually yet another border outside of this one, so I haven't reached the outside of the piece yet, but almost. That outer border is relatively thin and has a lot of beads, so I look forward to working on that!

I also changed the thin black border to the Waterlilies color that was used for the rectangular rhodes around the inner portion. If you think I'm stitching black on black, you are nuts. :p  Also, I saw a finish on black that made the same substitution and it was lovely!

So yeah! Even if it's not a huge amount of progress yet, I'm happy about fixing the bead problem and then being motivated to finish up the inner beading.

The only thing that bugs me about this piece now is that the fabric seems to have been cut a little small.... I guess there's 2-3 inches left around the entire thing but it just seems like it's not quite enough. Maybe that's my imagination...


  1. It looks beautiful! The colours and embellishments really pop on the black fabric:))

    1. Thank you! I love stitching on black, even if it's a bit rough on the eyes. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! Definitely want to push for a finish within the next couple of months!

  3. It looks so beautiful!! :) love the colors you substituted.

  4. This looks so beautiful on black, I can see why you are enjoying it so much.

  5. Wow stunning
    I own the lace butterfly one and need to start that one soon especially when i see this
    Wish you a lovely weekend

  6. That is so striking! Perfect choice to stitch it on black. Beautiful work.
    xo Alicia

  7. Beautiful work!! I'm really looking forward to starting this one. The colours are amazing. It's all kitted up and ready to go...


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