Wednesday, July 08, 2015

needlepoint in progress!

I should probably post more often, because it's almost done and this is my first pic. Oops.

The colors are a little better than this in real life, but as usual, it's kind of dim in here right now and I'm not good at taking pictures.

It's very pretty and it's been super easy so far (thx Chatelaines for giving me tons of specialty stitch practice!), but in terms of "hours of fun per dollar spent" I have to say that needlepoint is not really worth it. The materials for this were about $40 all told and I've spent maybe 10-15 hours on it? If I spent $40 on cross stitch stuff, I'd be stitching away a lot longer.

Well, maybe that's because I have a big stash of DMC, fabric, and beads on hand, so I could blow that $40 on a few charts... say about three Mirabilia designs, which would probably take about 250-350 hours to stitch. If I had to get all the supplies from scratch, I'd probably end up spending a lot more per hour of cross stitching...

Oh, but if I got $40 worth of kits (say two big Dimensions ones), I'd be going at that for ages. So I dunno. Maybe it's just a bad comparison all around. Hmm.

Well, I'll definitely snag another needlepoint chart to use up the other half of the canvas I got, but I think I'll be sticking to cross stitch in the future.


  1. Beautiful work! Although i tend to agree with you on costs

  2. Beautiful
    I allso agree with you about the cost
    Thats why i allways make big projects :) allso less framing cost
    A dimensions takes me about 350 hours and a big mirabilia 200 my head is ready for one third part and is allready over a 1000 hours :)
    Look forward to see your next project

  3. It is looking very beautiful!!:)
    Costs are a bit high but I guess if you really like doing needlepoint very much then there is no harm in spending more.

  4. Looks great! I love needlepoint over cross stitch just because of the variety of threads you get to use and type of stitches.

  5. So beautiful! I think as long as you enjoyed doing it, the cost isn't too bad, I always compare the cost of stitching to the price of going to the movies and then it doesn't seem too bad! :)

  6. Very pretty! I always figured it was the higher cost of the specialty threads in needlepoint vs (mostly) DMC for Mirabilias, HAEds etc.

  7. Your needlepoint is beautiful. For me, it's the amount of thread you use compared to cross stitching! It seems wanton! That's also why I love to stitch over one, it is so economical LOL

    1. YESSS, I feel like this thing is just gobbling up thread! I used TWO skeins of Dinky Dyes for those pink/brown flower things. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :((((

  8. I'm not a huge fan of stitching needlepoint myself. That said, yours looks amazing!!

  9. I really like your colour adaptation too. It looks stunning. Well done
    xo Alicia


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