Friday, July 31, 2015

has it been a week already??

Wow, time flies when you're... well, I don't know what I've been doing, to be honest! Trying not to have a meltdown in this summer heat, probably. And yet I'm the nut who's experimenting with setting the thermostat to 80F/27C indoors and sitting in front of a fan. Electric bills suck. :p

I actually had a new start... I was looking back through my stash tag and noticed so many nice things that haven't been started (and some that have been sold/traded on without being used) and that kind of bothered me. So I made a small start on the Cherry Blossoms Biscornu by Sweetheart Tree. I thought it would be an easy stitch, but it's pretty fussy so I gave up after a few days.

Here's where I left off:

Also not a fan of the fabric stinginess of Sweetheart Tree kits. I totally get that this is going to be a biscornu and thus, most of the excess fabric will be cut off, but I'm really not comfortable with having less than one inch to spare around each half of the design! Makes it impossible to put into a q-snap without sewing extra fabric to the edges, which is a pain. :x

Made some progress on my fairy's wings last night at knitting group. Yes, I bring stitching to knit group because I DO WHAT I WANT. I always get lots of interest and compliments, so it's not like anyone actually minds. It's either stitch and stay the entire time, or attempt to knit and want to go home after 30 minutes. Since my wife is a SRS BSNS knitter, you can guess what she prefers... :p

So, here's the fairy (and everyone seriously adored all the sparkles that are going on here!):

I blurred out the corner because I was too lazy to move the chart, haha.

And I received a surprise gift last night too! The shop owner had a customer come in with some "lace yarn" she'd bought from Etsy... which turned out to be pretty much thread. Apparently the photo on Etsy was an extreme closeup that made it look like normal yarn! The customer asked if she knew anyone who could use it, and she thought of me, thinking that maybe it could be used as cross stitch thread!

I'd been looking for a nice variegated pink for Cirque des Coeurs for a long time, and now I have it! And it's 100% silk too. It's soooooo soft omggggg :p

I need to do some test stitching to see if I'd have to use one strand or two on Belfast. I'm hoping it's just one because getting two strands that match will probably be impossible, depending on how it's dyed. Plus, according to the chart, I'd just barely have enough yardage if I did two strands.

Might have to snag some 40ct fabric for this one in that case...

But isn't the fabric amazing? PTP Phoenix, perfect fit for this chart. :D


  1. Lovely progress and pretty new thread :)

  2. The Sweetheart Tree piece is lovely. But even I leave more than an inch margin and I'm really mean with fabric!
    Love the new thread and the fabric for Ink Circles, that was a real serendipitous find, you must use the thread!

  3. Ugh, skimpy fabric from kits makes me crazy, too! I hate stitching in hand.
    And wow - you totally scored on that "yarn"!

    I had to laugh at your SRS BSNS comment about your wife - I use the same term when talking about stuff like that, too. SRSLY. ;)


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