Tuesday, July 14, 2015

a little finish!

I've finally finished the last of the three patterns in Espressioni by Renato Parolin! I tweaked the colors a bit as I didn't like the orange-y leaning reds that were used.

The colors aren't quite as harsh as this picture shows, but I couldn't get it corrected the way I wanted, so this will have to do! :p

Ahhh, debating with myself about buying fabric. I want to start some of the patterns from that crazy magazine I got a few months back, but I've already done one of the charts on cream Belfast, and I want them to match. Thing is, I'm out of cream Belfast. I can get a yard of it for under $50 shipped, but I hate spending that much on plain fabric when I already have SO MUCH FABRIC.

Pretty sure I'm going to have to suck it up and just buy fabric, because I can't stitch anything from this mag without it, and I wanted to make one of those my next start.

Huff, pout, whine, etc. :p


  1. I think the colors in that piece are stunning - great job with the tweaking!

  2. Good choice on substituting the colors, it looks great~ Also I can really feel how terribly upset you are over buying more stash ahaha :D

  3. Such a lovely finish! The colours are very lovely.

  4. It's really pretty with those colours. Good choice.
    xo Alicia


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