Monday, June 01, 2015

May/June goals!

Time for goals again! (kinda late, of course!)

May goals:
- finish my square on the Mirabilia RR - yes!
- finish one angel on Angel Procession - completed TWO!
- assemble Floral Fifteen - yes!
- stitch the last pattern in Espressioni - deferring until AP is done

I've decided that I'm not going to work on anything else (except the RR) until Angel Procession is done! So Espressioni will have to wait until then.

With the progress I've been making, it may not be too crazy to set a very tentative goal of finishing AP by my birthday, July 15. But I'll let June roll by first and see how I do!

June goals:
- stitch Mirabilia RR
- finish angel #1 on AP
- finish angel #3 on AP
- no stashing! zero, zip, nada!

#1 is the in-progress angel on AP. Angel #2 is nothing more than a bit of skirt right now, and I'll need to stitch a bit of #2 in order to finish up #3, since they're touching. Nothing's worse than doing backstitching before all the surrounding cross-stitch is finished!

Here's how it looks so far:

You may notice that I've made negative progress yet again, this time on angel #1 (which strangely is the angel on the far right). I'm a bit annoyed with past Rahenna right now for making my life hard by not following directions. Instead of quarter stitches, I did three-quarter stitches in a lot of areas, which is going to make backstitching a nightmare, so I may end up frogging even more. But the wing, hair, and face absolutely had to go... so they went.

There was also some blending filament in the angel's robe, which seemed really odd to me. It looks like it was there in the original version of the chart, but not the redo. So I frogged that too. Luckily it was all stitched on top of the base color, not held as a blend with the DMC, so it was possible to rip it out. Still have some work to do on that front.

I figure that since this has taken me so long to stitch, I'm going to make sure it's perfect!


  1. Oh, so sorry you had to frog so much, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. You're making beautiful progress!

    1. Yes, I'll be much happier with it this way! I look at it this way... spend a couple of days restitching, or be annoyed by how it looks forever? I'll restitch. Besides, I think the frogging takes longer than the restitching, so I should consider it this way: I'm already more than half done! :p

  2. frogging is no fun.. beautiful goals for june ☺

    1. Frogging is terrible! Especially over one on 28 count... brrrr! But it'll be worth it. :D

  3. Negative stitching count isnt good but the end result will be worth all the extra effort. You need to go back in time and have a stern word with yourself!

    1. Seriously, past Rahenna was lazy and willfully ignored directions! I don't know if I can go back that far in time, though... this poor piece is ancient!


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