Friday, May 29, 2015

negative progress is still progress!

Or something. But for some reason, the top section of the angel's robe was incredibly loose and the tension was terrible... and checking my blog archives, it looks like I stitched that part! I was surprised because a lot of the stitching was vertical instead of horizontal, and I pretty much never stitch vertically, even if it's a tall column of Xs that's only one stitch wide.

To be fair, I did the stitching *sigh* two years ago, so that could account for it. Also, I think that area was under the qsnaps for a while and it got loosened up from all my fussing with it. I need to be extra careful about the part that's covered right now, then...

I look at it this way... this project has been about 20 years in the making, so what's another day or two spent restitching? This way I'll actually be happy with the way it looks!

Oh, and I'm removing the random confetti stitches on this robe... there's spots of gold and pink that my wife says is supposed to look like brocade or something. It looks like measles to me. Reminds me a lot of the spotty dresses some of the Lavender and Lace angels/ladies have, and I hate that look. And since the stitching on top was so loose, going back to fill in with the shades of cream would have been an ordeal.

So it all works out for the best this way.

Now back to work...


  1. If it makes you happier with how it looks then it's progress. I can't have something on the wall that I'm on happy with. There's a piece at my in-laws that drives me mad every time I see it!

    1. I'm already back to where I was before frogging (and then some) so I'm really glad I made the decision to just do it. :D

  2. Definitely more important that you feel happy with the way it looks. Something about spoiling the ship for a ha'porth of tar?


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