Thursday, April 30, 2015

April/May goals!

It's that time again. :3

April goals:
- finish Floral Fifteen (at least the stitching) - done!
- finish two of the three patterns in Espressioni - done!
- prep for Mirabilia RR! - done!
- make visible progress on another WIP - picked up Angel Procession again!

Ahhh, so nice to meet all my goals this time around! I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished this month since I spent over a week too sick to do much of anything. Just a bad cold, but it still made anything requiring concentration rather difficult! Luckily, my wife was on vacation for a week so we did a lot of crafty stuff while she was home.

May goals: (in order of priority!)
- finish my square on the Mirabilia RR
- finish one angel on Angel Procession (maybe not the backstitch tho ahaha)
- assemble Floral Fifteen
- stitch the last pattern in Espressioni

Speaking of Angel Procession... Look, it's my ancient WIP that's old enough to vote! Or, at least the part that I'll be working on in May.

Every time I look at it, I'm shocked by how small it is. I mean, it's long, but it's not very tall. The most frustrating part seems to be finding the threads, especially for blends. I spent AGES last night trying to find the TWO blue colors for the sleeve. TWO COLORS GUYS.

Sooooo I got wise and put them in order by DMC number in a tray (sort of, they're actually little hardware drawers, haha) and I'm keeping a separate bobbin for each blend. Before, I had the threads in bags, roughly by color family and just... no. Don't do that. It's terrible.

I'm surprised that AP still looks so pristine after so many years. Everything is vibrant and there are minimal stains on the fabric even though it's been folded up and abused for so long.

For real this time.


  1. It's coming along great. I also like your flowers from previous post.

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying it so much, I wonder why I abandoned it for so long. :)

  2. Well done on your goals! Beautiful stitching!

  3. I'm glad you've decided to work on this one! It's beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Me too, I'm so glad I picked it up again! I hope I can live up to the expectations, haha. :D

  4. Congrats on meeting your goals!! That's always a good feeling. It will also feel good to have progress on this lovely WIP too. :D The organizing of floss always drives me nuts but it's worth it when you're not like "now is this or that the precisely right shade of blue I was working with before..."

    1. Yes, exactly! My usual method of "make a pile of bobbins/skeins on the arm of the couch and throw loose threads everywhere" was NOT cutting it. :p I think I've finally worked out a good method, though... we'll see if I can stick to it!

  5. Angel Procession is amazing, look at that gorgeous border! When I stitch a large TW I make a card thread holder with a hole for each blend and keep a length of each colour on that.
    Would you like to join our group blog for TW fans? Seeing your progress will really inspire people.

    1. Hi Jo! I would LOVE to join if I could! AP is going to be my focus piece until I get it finished and I'd love to share with a TW-loving group. :)

      Yesss, I've started winding my blends onto bobbins as if they were normal colors and that has helped immensely with reducing the time it takes to find things!

  6. Love your angel proccesion :)
    I allso enjoy the TWsal and love to see what other people make
    When i finish my petit TW i would love to choose a big project of TW but its really hard to choose because there are so many lovely works of her
    Look forward to see this one finished :)
    Esmeralda from Holland

    1. Hello Esmeralda, thank you! I saw your petite TW and it is so pretty and delicate!

      There are so many TW designs I love... I can never stitch them all. And it's so hard to pick favorites. Sigh. :)


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