Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stitch from Stash - March report!

Month: March
Spent: $0
Earned: $22

Carryover to next month: $2.05 (from Feb) + $25 (from March) + $22 (finish) = $49.05

Woohoo! Didn't spend anything on stash AND I had a big finish! Gypsy Mermaid measures a rather large 200x250 stitches, earning a $22 bonus to add to my budget. :)

Instead of posting my mermaid again, I'll share my current chart lust list!

I'll definitely be ordering a few things next month because I need to pick up the rest of the charts for my Mirabilia round robin (Wisteria, Lilac, and Geranium), and I am completely out of floss bobbins! How does anyone run out of something so basic? And I've checked local craft stores, but all they have are those plastic abominations that don't actually grip the thread so it just unwinds. No thanks!

Even adding in my $25 budget for next month, I can't pick up everything on my list, but that's okay. I'm still debating a bit on the Year in Chalk series (I love it to bits but I'd have to pick up some fabric for it since nothing in my stash is the right color) and Get Kraken was an impulse add. I love Ink Circles but I have so many already... sigh.

I'm not exactly strugging with SFS, but it does get a bit frustrating because I'd rather get my entire wishlist at once to save on shipping. I can't NOT buy next month because I don't have enough charts that fit my round robin theme. I guess I could cheese it and stitch a bunch of smalls to rack up some budget bonuses, but I don't think that fits the spirit of the challenge!

Oh well, slow and steady wins the race, right? :) These charts (probably) aren't going anywhere!


  1. Well done on your budget en congret on your lovely mermaid

  2. o wow, I have never had a problem with the plastic bobbins, what awful luck! I dislike the paper (cardboard) kind since they bend so easy. To each their own maybe! :D

    Congrats on staying in budget for the month too~

  3. Love the Mirabilia choices on your list.


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