Wednesday, March 25, 2015

slowest beading ever

For some reason I can't seem to make myself sit down and bead during the day, so it's very slow going. In my defense, I'm doing a lot of writing and some heavy-duty studying during the day, so my brain can't really handle too much more...

The north compass point is beaded! I subbed purple/grey pearls for the ugly off-white size 6 beads. I really hate those things, they look like cheap white pony beads that yellowed with age. Gross.

I also stuck a pinkish pearl in the middle of the medallion thing at the bottom. Because I can.

Better get back to it or I'll never finish!


  1. Gorgeous! I particularly love that pearl. Come on, I'm cheering you on for a finish soon!

  2. I think it looks gorgeous great choice of colors

  3. It's lovely, no wonder you're too tired to bead if you ate studying. There's no pressure, it's a hobby so do what you can when you can and enjoy :-)

  4. Nearly there! Love the pearl


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