Monday, March 30, 2015

March/April goals!

Ahhh, goals. The bane of anyone's existence. :p

March goals were:
- finish Gypsy Mermaid (by March 22) - finished March 27, good enough!
- make visible progress on another WIP (either Floral Fifteen or Fatum) - well... let me explain!

I didn't really have time to work on another WIP since I finished Gypsy Mermaid late, but I'm so happy to have a big finish that I'm still pretty happy! I put a tiny bit of work in on Floral Fifteen but it's not enough to bother showing here.

I did have a new start... haha. This is one of the three patterns from Espressioni by Renato Parolin. I needed something simple to give my brain (and fingers!) a bit of a break. It's being stitched on plain old "clay" Belfast. I plan to stitch all six patterns from Espressioni and its twin, Emozioni, on the same fabric, but all separately so I can finish/frame them individually.

It's an elongated heart shape, but it's relatively small so I should have it done by the end of the week. Fingers crossed that I don't get distracted by some other shiny thing!

Okay, I guess I need some April goals!

April goals:
- finish Floral Fifteen (at least the stitching)
- finish two of the three patterns in Espressioni
- prep for Mirabilia RR!
- make visible progress on another WIP

That seems reasonable!


  1. April goals seem very reasonable but still challenging. Good luck stunner
    xo Alicia


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