Monday, March 16, 2015

March-ing toward a finish...

Ahahaha, puns are terrible, aren't they?

My mermaid is getting closer to a finish! I've finished alllll the cross stitching, so it was no longer possible to avoid working on the skin. I always do over-one skin in basketweave or tent stitch, so it goes faster than full crosses, but it's still rough on the eyes!

I got her entire belly done yesterday, though. :)

Sorry, it's a partial shot since she's on the qsnap, and won't be coming off until the skin is done! I'll probably give her a rinse before beading since she's picked up a lot of cat hair in the past two years. Yeah, that's right... I started her in April 2013. How's THAT for slow?

To be fair, I started and then put her aside until September of last year, so it's not too bad... or is it?

Anyway, the game plan for her is...
16 - arm #1
17 - arm #2
18 - chest (or catch up on arms)
19 - face
20 - free day in case I'm being too ambitious!
21 - wash, backstitch, begin beading
22 - finish beading

Yeah, yeah, stop laughing right now. :p

Hoping for a finish this month so I'll earn a nice Stitch from Stash bonus, which I'd like to use to pick up a few things for my Mirabilia round robin! Planning on pixies, and I worked in four charts I already have, so I'll only have to buy two, and they're ones from my wishlist anyway.

Tentative lineup...
Wisteria (flipped), Lily of the Valley, Waterlily, Poppy, Buttercup, Geranium

I may swap Waterlily and Poppy because I don't want the right side to be so red-heavy. I want a variety of color throughout the piece.

I was really tempted to go nuts and buy 4-6 new charts for this, but that's not in the spirit of SfS! I only want to buy charts that I genuinely want to stitch in their entirety, not just something that will be partially used for a RR. I may still switch out Poppy or Waterlily for someone else, but I'm going to sit on it for a while. I have time to decide. :)


  1. When you basket weave the skin are you doing it over 1 or over 2?
    Thanks, Kris from

    1. Hi Kris, I'm doing the skin over one. When I do over two skin, I just use regular cross stitches. :)

  2. That's a great idea the lineup is pretty. Mermaid is looking great

  3. Even though water lily is one of my favorite pixies, she looks a little bit bigger than your other pics in this line up and might throw the group ff (unless it is just the pics and not the actual chart size?).

    Routing for you on your finish, so beautiful so far.

    1. I think it's just me cropping the picture badly. I do need to open up my charts and make sure they're all kind of in scale with each other, at least close enough that they won't look weird when stitched together.

      Thanks! I should probably get offline and go work on that arm... haha. :)

  4. Good luck on your finishing schedule and I love the pixie lineup!

  5. Happy stitching my dear
    Big hugs x

  6. Good luck with that tight schedule! I always stitch like a demon when I'm near a finish so if you're the same I'm sure it's achievable.
    I love your plan for the pixies!

  7. HI Rahenna
    I think you're inspiring me to do some "over one" work - can you give me some tips? Ta much, Paula

    1. Hi Paula! I think I'll make a post about stitching over one, since it's a bit long for a comment and I'd like to include pictures as well. That will by my next blog post, I think. :)

    2. that would be good - really good, especially if you want over one in the round robin! yes - I'm THAT paula :)

  8. Good luck on your stitching schedule, over 1 skin is a killer but so worth it - SfS is a great motivator for finishing!

  9. Mermaid is looking lovely and colorful:)
    If I was to plan this much stitching, I would need more free days than just one.

  10. Your mermaid is looking lovely and the skin is going to be amazing.
    I like your Pixie line-up too. If you are flipping Wisteria, have you thought about flipping Geranium on the far right too so she is facing in as well?

  11. It's not bad at all. I've got wips that are 5 years old and no where near as much stitched on them as you have here. She is stunning. Good luck, almost there xox Alicia


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