Monday, March 02, 2015

March goals

Haha, I'm so bad about posting goals. I want to get on track to finish some things this year, though! I always do better when I have some sort of list to work from...

March goals:
- finish Gypsy Mermaid (by March 22)
- make visible progress on another WIP (either Floral Fifteen or Fatum)

I don't have a recent progress pic of either, but these are my old pics:

Floral Fifteen:
(6 squares done, 4 outlined, 5 not started yet...)

(parts 1-4 and 8 complete, of 12 total)

Floral Fifteen is killer with all the color changes, which is why I stopped working on it. I should probably face reality and admit that I don't actually like Just Nan designs... I got sucked in by the enthusiasm of real JN fans and the allure of limited edition stuff. Fact is, I don't like stitching little motifs, or changing thread colors 85 times in one square inch, or finishing fiddly little projects. It can be hard to let go of the image you have of yourself as a stitcher, though!

Fatum fell by the wayside because I got behind on the SAL (it was the first Passione Ricamo mystery SAL) and then it was revealed that there's text on the bottom of the design. I've seen it finished without the text, but the border doesn't line up perfectly, so I got annoyed about that. Maybe I can find a better way, or leave out the text and stitch something else there? I don't know. Sigh. So I've also learned that mystery SALs are not for me!

Okay, less whining, more stitching. Though to be honest, it's more Persona 4, ahaha...


  1. Sometimes it's good to whine and your whines are justifiable. You can honestly say that you've tried a couple of things that didn't work out.
    If it was me I'd give up on them as stitching something you really don't like makes it a burden and takes the pleasure out of stitching.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. My positive thoughts are accompanying this comment. :)

    1. Thanks Rachel, I really appreciate the thoughtful comment! I rarely give up on a project, but it has happened a few times, so I need to think carefully and decide what would be best. I don't think forcing myself to finish is good, but I'm also pretty stubborn. :)

      I'm kind of iffy on Floral Fifteen... I've seen it done and it's gorgeous, so that may be my inspiration. And I really like the main portion of Fatum, it's just the text that gets me. The actual image of the fairy is beautiful and I've enjoyed stitching that part so far. It's a bit late to take out all the border, though... maybe I'll finish the fairy first and see how I feel about it.

  2. Very true. If it feels like a burden it's taking all the fun out. I will admit, barring the problems with the impending text, Fatum looks really pretty. I hope you can figure something out that works for you!

  3. Lovely piece. It's good to let of steam, even small vapours. It's easy to get dragged along with other's enthusiasm, but stitching is a personal hobby so do what you want and you're stitching (and satisfaction) with be lovely :-)

  4. Lovely stitching my dear xxx

  5. Learning about what you don't enjoy is just as important as what you do! As I'm stubborn and hate leaving things I'd probably push through too and keep thinking how awesome it'll look when it's done. You aren't whining, you are sharing your thoughts about what you are stitching, it doesn't all have to be positive :P

    With Fatum, (which I also signed up for but never started, although I have all the stuff) I'd probably have a look at the full pattern and work out how much of the border I'd need to stitch to line up correctly, then see if it was possible to extend the fairy, or maybe stitch the full border and stitch something else in the space.

    Anyway, good luck with your goals for this month!

  6. Nice stitching, you will get there.

  7. Miamina's idea is a good one, maybe you could put some fancy initials in the space?
    I love Just Nan's designs and this one is so pretty even if it is driving you insane! Why not do one colour per day and then out it away until the next day? That method works well for me on repetitive designs.

    1. I dunno, I reallllly don't like lettering on stitching. I don't want to put my initials or name on anything either because I don't like my first or last name... my first is misspelled constantly and unisex, and because of where I live everyone assumes I'm a man. And my last name is extremely rare and I don't like being associated with my family because they are crazypants. *sigh*

      Don't you just hate it when people have dumb excuses to not take advantage of your kind suggestions? :p

      I think the JN will be fine, I just need to take it one block at a time and celebrate each tiny finish. :)


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