Monday, March 23, 2015

almost there! just beads left :)

Ahhhh, so I'm a BIT behind schedule, but I'm terrible at stitching during the week. Most of what I do happens on the weekends, so yes, almost all of this skin has appeared over the last three days. So much for sticking to a plan!

All the stitching is done, including the crazy amount of over one (seriously, I need to do over one skin on girls who just have their faces and hands showing, not mermaids! :p) and the backstitching. I gave her a wash to get the stitches plumped back up again, which works wonders.

Unfortunately, it takes forever to dry, even with a hot iron, so beading and the metallic net will have to wait until tomorrow...

The colors aren't too accurate on this one.
Had some shadows from the sunset messing things up here. :)

This closeup is much more accurate to the actual colors!

I'll probably sub some of the beads... there's a lot of size 6 beads in this design and I don't like using anything that big. Size 8 is my limit, otherwise they tend to fall over or get loose over time, and that drives me nuts!

Siiiigh. I really wanted to start beading today. :p


  1. She looks amazing on that fabric!

  2. Amazing work! I like to use smaller beads too.

  3. She's looking wonderful! I don't think I could figure out how to do pare of it over two and the rest over one :)

  4. She is looking wonderful!! :)
    I would not have thought that washing is required before we start bead and metallic work. I have a WIP that uses both of these. I will keep that in mind.

    1. I like to wash before beading rather than after because there's nothing I hate more than loose beads. :) The washing helps get out the qsnap lines and plumps up any stitches that have gotten smooshed by the qsnap or being handled. :D

  5. What a beautiful mermaid
    Lovely colours
    Look forward to see the end result

  6. Absolutely stunning, even without the beads! You must be so pleased with her. Good luck with the beading.


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