Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stitch from Stash - February report!

Month: February
Spent: $47.95
Earned: $0
Carryover to next month: $2.05

Not a good month for me, but thankfully still within budget, since I didn't spend anything last month. Like many other stitchers, I got sucked in by the clearance sale at Keepsake Needlearts and picked up some things on mega clearance, but...

I regret buying all of it. It was 100% impulse and I'm really upset with myself for not saving my budget for the new Mirabilia releases, which I actually want but can't get because I wasted my money on crap. :(

Well, here is what I got...

I honestly don't see myself stitching ANY of the things I bought, except maybe the Nora Corbett cakes and the pretty bird. And of the five items I bought, four are kits packaged with aida cloth, which I will NOT stitch on. Usually I'd just swap it out, but of those four, two have a background that's printed right on the aida. Subbing a different fabric would be a problem... sigh.

And here are the two charts I REALLY wanted to buy, but couldn't because I wasted my money. Nora Corbett Wisteria and Mirabilia Moon Flower.

And finally, the only project I worked on this month was Gypsy Mermaid. Hoping for a finish next month... I can't believe I haven't had any finishes yet this year. Sigh. To be fair, I've been spending most of my free time writing, so that's just how it goes...

You can't tell from the picture, but the right side is complete up to the seahorse, and the flowers she's holding are done too. It shouldn't be too hard to wrap her up by the end of March.

So, there's my long and somewhat whiny report. This is the first time I've felt like a bit of a failure at SFS since it started last year. Anyone else have some tales of stash-money-wasting woe to share so I don't feel alone in this?


  1. Sorry I don't have any woes to share since I haven't spent money yet but don't be so hard on yourself. You can always get the Mirabilia's later. I love the Polar Bear one. Maybe set a goal once you finish your mermaid you can get a Mira.

  2. I blew all the money I saved from Jan and Feb on stitching books. But I do like to have a nice library.
    Maybe you could resell these on eBay so the actual money isn't wasted? The new Mira is gorgeous, I can see why you'd want her.

  3. Your new stash is lovely but if it's not your thing then I agree with Jo that you should try eBaying it. You'll do yourself no favours by letting it hang around the house, especially when you so desperately like the Mirabilias (and I can see why). Perhaps someone might even offer to buy them off you?
    My greatest purchase woe has to be when I first found the HAED website and bought rather a lot of gorgeous designs (more than are shown on my stash list) It was only after starting one that I realised how confetti-heavy they were and that I would probably never have the patience or inclination to do them. But being downloads, I can't sell them on. I dread to think how much money was wasted there! Certainly more than your $48! :)

  4. I hate that post impulse buy guilt. I think your purchase are lovely but if you really aren't happy then I agree with the others, try sell them. I'm like Rachel, I have so many HAED patterns, I don't think I will ever be able to finish them all.

  5. I am the worst at impulse buying. I do love the bird pattern though! I agree with selling on ebay. You can even just sell the pieces of aida out of your kits too. Maybe that will give you the extra for the Mira pieces you really want. :-)

  6. I would second what Jo said about trying to Ebay them. Or maybe try to sell them on any of the Facebook (or BB) for sale groups? Even if you don't get what you paid for them back, it's still better than nothing?

    Don't beat yourself up too much, no one is perfect, and those Miras aren't going away any time soon :)

  7. Oh dear, i wouldnt beat yourself up about it we have all done it, i once spent £45 on some yarn that i have yet to use! Perhaps you could re coup some of your losses by selling on ebay and put the money towards what you do want. X

  8. Oh dear, i wouldnt beat yourself up about it we have all done it, i once spent £45 on some yarn that i have yet to use! Perhaps you could re coup some of your losses by selling on ebay and put the money towards what you do want. X

  9. I love the Polar Bear one and would be happy to exchange? I've no idea how much you paid for it but I could buy you the Miras you like and maybe something else so it's roughly equivalent. Let me know if you're interested. It's a shame that they won't get stitched.

  10. I love the flower ones - so sweet. :) blessings, marlene

  11. Impulse buying is so easy on the internet, do not feel guilty! I love the two flower kits with the printed fabric, they look lovely, even though it's aida they are stitched on.

  12. Sorry you couldn't resist the sale... that is what happens to us when we see a great sale; we buy things that we wouldn't normally buy. Maybe you can trying selling them on FB in one of those stash unload groups so you can buy the charts you really want! Good luck ;)


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