Saturday, February 21, 2015

post #350!

I can't believe I've made 350 posts in this blog over the last five years! That's kind of scary... but it's fun to have a log of things I've made, too. :)

Here's the fishy lady!

I'm running out of parts to stitch... gonna have to start that skin soon. Bah. I mean, it's not really all that much since she's holding a lot of flowers, but it's still a big task.

I'm not going to be crazy and say "oh I'll try finishing her this month" but definitely by the end of March. All that's left is skin, hair, a bit of border, one compass point, backstitch, and beads. And I'm not getting tired of working on her at all. Maybe it's doing me a bit of good to work on only one project at a time.

Next post will be Stitch from Stash for February. :3


  1. Congrats on 350 posts! The fish lady looks great! This is one of the many Mira projects that inspires me to try my own. She's just gorgeous!

  2. Fish Lady is looking great! Congrats!

  3. Haha every time I see your update I wonder if you've started the skin yet! Maybe it'll go faster than you think. She's looking lovely so far~ :D

  4. Don't fret too much about the skin - it'll come good as always. I love watching her progress and will give you a big cheer once the skin is done! :)

  5. Of course I just had to go back to the beginning and read some of your early posts!

    Great progress on Gypsy, she will be stunning when she is finished.

  6. Can you tell me where I could find those flower pair kits?

  7. Can you tell me where I could find those flower pair kits?


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