Thursday, January 15, 2015

well, crud

I somehow managed to delete the photos from my last page or two of posts while trying to make them private on my G+ profile (because uh who even uses G+? exactly) so now my blog looks stupid. Sigh. I should probably read things more carefully but... well... I'm lazy.

Also filed under "well, crud" is one of the two new Nora Corbett releases from today, Wisteria. Not because I dislike her, but because I NEED HER. :)

Wow. My wife LOVES wisteria and we have one in our backyard that's already conquering our pergola even though we only planted it last year.

LOVE the colors in this one... I may use this month's SFS budget for this beauty... :)

In the interest of being cheap, I'll skip the beads and Kreinik and just use what's in my stash, though. Well, I'll sit on this for a month or two before doing any shopping anyway. Haven't been in the mood to spend money lately. Which is GOOD. :p


  1. Oh she is so pretty. Sorry about the missing photos. These sites are such a pain sometimes...
    I need to be in your "no spending money" mood. My budget would really appreciate it. Lol.

    1. It's totally my fault for deleting them like a noob. I thought I was setting them to private but clearly I need to learn to read better, haha.

      Well... I've spent some money on non-crafty things. I guess I should be more honest and say I'm not in the mood to buy craft stuff, but I'm in the mood for other things. And those things are taking all my resistance willpower. :)

  2. Love the new Nora Corbett
    I bet it allso looks pretty without sine original beads and kreinink
    I allso would love to be in the no spending mood ! How does that look ?
    I joined for the first time sfs and allready gone over budget :(
    Not a good beginning of the year
    Hopefully it will go better next month
    Look forward to read some more from you
    This is my recent started blog

  3. I <3 wisteria - there's a gazebo in Duke gardens that is amazing every spring, with the density of the wisteria.

    I think this is one of the prettiest of her floral fairies/pixies!


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