Tuesday, December 23, 2014

stitchy plans for 2015!

Well, let's not talk about how I miserably failed my grand stitching plans for this year! In my defense, I was VERY sick for about three months, and after I started feeling better, I got verrry caught up in an old fandom of mine that ate up most of my free time in the second half of the year. (And it's not going to get any better in the new year, haha.)

But! I'm going to make some not-grand plans for 2015. :)

Current WIPs I want to finish next year:

- A Day at the Beach (Sweetheart Tree)
- Angel Procession (Wentzler)
- Beaded Dragonfly Tile (Chatelaine)
- Floral Fifteen (Just Nan)
- Gypsy Mermaid (Mirabilia)

These are all about half done, and the STree and JNan charts are relatively small. I find Mirabilia charts easy to stitch once I get in the groove, so the real challenges will be the Chatelaine and the Wentzler. I stalled out on the Chatelaine because I had trouble fitting the beads on 32ct (yes, even though they're delicas!) so I'll have to let that go for now and concentrate on the stitching.

And poor Angel Procession has been a WIP for so long, it's old enough to vote. :(  It's time for me to give it the love and respect it deserves. I think I'll concentrate on clearing out the other four WIPs first to get the ego boost of finishing a few things, and then work on AP as my focus piece.

How about those other WIPs?

- Air ACEO - Butcher (HAED)
- Fatum (Passione Ricamo)
- Night (Wentzler)
- Transcendence - Sessler (HAED)

Well. Transcendence for sure will NOT see a finish, even if I spend all year working on it! Air ACEO is relatively small so maybe I can aim for half? Night is barely started, though it is "small" for a full-sized Wentzler chart, and it's a special one to me because I originally started it ages ago when I was still in high school. I finished most of the figure but I ended up tossing my WIP because the linen was too small to comfortably fit the border. (That was a HARD decision to make!)

Fatum is relatively simple in comparison to all the others and is the one most likely to reach a finish. I stalled out when I saw the text on the bottom of the chart. I absolutely hate text on charts, I feel that it's very cheesy. I've seen it completed without the text but the border isn't perfect if you leave it off, so I'm conflicted about that... that's why I stalled out on it. Sigh.

Let's talk about new starts. :)

I also joined the A New Stitchy Start SAL, which is all about starting a big project on January 1st! I chose Chinese Garden by Chatelaine since I've had the full kit since the chart was a class project! It's such a shame for that to be sitting and waiting for so long, so I'm NOT waiting anymore!

awwww yeaaaaaah

For other projects, I want to work from my bucket list instead of just doing random things, either to fit in with a SAL or to otherwise be part of a group. I want to focus on my favorite charts and make some progress on the ones that are extra special to me. I'll probably pick a Mirabilia and a Renato Parolin design from the list early on in the year,

Probably one of these Miras...

And these are my two bucket list Parolins, though I should probably add Christmas to that list too!

I know that was a super boring wall o' text type post, but I wanted to get it all out there before my attention wandered again!


  1. Not boring :) you had lots of pics! I like the blue mirabilia mermaid. I can't wait to start the SAL with you it should be fun!

  2. I'm in the SAL too and I love the chart you have chosen.
    You have been very wise with your 2015 stitchy plans, thinking logically about the projects you would like to finish, start and put aside. This is not boring at all - I like hearing what's going through people's minds and why they have chosen the projects they have. So, good luck with your 2015 plans! :)

  3. Lovy pictures
    Merry Christmas for you and your family!

  4. The Chinese Garden is stunning as are all your pieces.
    Merry Christmas and all the best in 2015*

  5. Not boring at all! Plenty of pictures to drool over. I like your new big start to be. Good luck with 2015 progress and goal achievement. I really need to get mine sorted.

  6. Not a boring post at all! And I don't know about you, but posts like this give me motivation for a lot of stitching again! :)

  7. I love planning posts! Everyone is so full of enthusiasm at this time of year and it's fun to see how the plans work out over the next year. You have some lovely charts, several very large ones too.


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