Monday, November 03, 2014

Mega Mini Month Madness - November post #2

I didn't expect to have another post so soon, but tonight I started on the lovely Four de Lys by Ink Circles, which at about 75x75 stitches isn't exactly mini, but close enough. :)  It's not solidly stitched so it works up fast, this is at least 10% done already.  And I swear this only took about an hour.

The colors aren't great but I'm using a nice blue/green silk thread on a piece of raw (I think) Belfast.  This wasn't what I originally wanted to stitch, though!  I had a cute magazine cover kit for Christmas ornament tags, but apparently I can't get along with Aida (which is kind of odd to type as that's my MIL's name, ahaha):

Warning for somewhat icky pic but I didn't actually hurt myself!

Oops.  I pushed too hard trying to do a quarter stitch (seriously, on Aida? screw that!) and got it caught under my skin.  When I pick this little kit up again, I'll be using some linen!

Hopefully everyone else is having an uneventful stitching week. :p


  1. Love your Ink Circles piece and the thread you're working with. How cool to be called Aida! And Ouch! We must stop with these extreme hobbies.

  2. Your stitching piece looks pretty!! I thought the pic is about your nail paint but after seeing second time, I would like to believe it was about nail paint :)
    I usually soak aida fabric and iron it out, it becomes soft . I sew the edges before soaking else they start fraying.

  3. Wow sweet stitching
    Looking so sweet..
    Ouch I hope it's ok..
    Hugs x

  4. Great stat on your new stitch. I always doing stuff like that! Hope it is ok now.

  5. Four de Lys is coming along beautifully! And I feel you on the quarter stitches and aida - the Christmas Mice by M. Sherry came with aida and I quickly remembered how much I hate quarter stitching on it.

  6. Lovely new start, the colour of the thread is lovely. Ouch, I have to say I hate doing these half stitches on Aida!

  7. Love your new start so far. Have fun ditching the aida for linen! :)

  8. Hello!

    I've just joined this SAL. Your stitching looks lovely. I would rather stitch on linen too (:
    Love your nail varnish!

  9. Quarter stitches on aida are much easier with Bohin Petite needles. I tried it this week. They are sharp though so be careful!

  10. Ouch! I'm curious as to who took the photo though?


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