Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash - October report!

Well, here is a boring post from me! I've done some stitching this month, but nothing impressive. I blame video games, Tumblr, fanfiction, and my habit of making doofy websites for things I like. :p

New starts from stash:
- By the Sea Needlekeep (Jeannette Douglas Designs)
- Fiona the Fay (Brooke's Books)

WIPs or UFOs worked on:
- none, oops!

Amount spent:
Nothing! So I now have $47.32 to carry over to next month. That seems like an awful lot, especially since there's also the $50 bonus that can be used at any time. I have the feeling that my next purchases will be a couple of Chatelaine charts and bead packs...

Iris and Tulip are the companion pieces to the Orchid I finished earlier this year. It honestly was an enjoyable stitch, just stressful at the time because my cat was sick. I think I'd really enjoy working on these two now that life is back to normal!

But for now I'll finish up the mini stitches I started this month. :)


  1. Those are beautiful choices.

  2. Your choices of new charts are lovely and look amazing on the black. Happy splurging next month! You've been good all year so deserve a reward! :)

  3. Well done on the zero spend. I have spent steadily throughout the year but not blowing the budget at all.
    These two look great on the black, is that how you will stitch them?

    1. Probably not on black, though it DOES look rather dramatic! I'll pick a fabric from my stash so I'll get to go "shopping" once I spring for the PDFs. :)


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