Friday, September 05, 2014

omg stahp it

I feel sorry for my poor needle.  Most of this was done this evening... I couldn't stitch much last night because I had a stupid nosebleed and I was afraid it would find a way to stain my fabric! (TMI?  I dunno, it's just a nosebleed...)

I thought there was a lot more left of the fin, but I think I've already done more than half...

So I guess I should say... if you've been thinking about this mermaid, you should definitely stitch her!  She's a LOT of fun and I feel like the fin is very "classic" Mirabilia with the multiple color changes to create a shiny/gleaming effect even without the use of any metallic threads.


  1. Wonderful! I love the colors in the fin, and it looks amazing on that fabric!

  2. I'm not in love with this mermaid but I do love the compass points. Think I will stitch her once I work out a colour coversion - keep stitching, she's looking good!


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