Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stitch from Stash - August report!

Nothing fantastically exciting this month, but I had two HUGE finishes so GO ME!

New starts from stash:
- none

WIPs or UFOs worked on:
- Bluebeard's Princess (finished!)
- Spring Knotgarden (finished!)

Amount spent:
Nothing!  That was one of my personal goals for the month and I'm happy to have met it. :)  Still have some medical bills to take care of, so next month will likely be more of the same.  Even so, still noting that I have $25 to carry over to next month, just in case. ;)

To make this less boring, some items I thought about this month were...

Emi and Ana by Nora Corbett
Such a cool pair, I love how they are clearly meant to go together William Tell style. :p

But I don't really need to buy anything.  From my stash, this was tempting...

Chinese Garden Mandala by Chatelaine

Buuut next month's stitching will be two round robin band samplers and my long-neglected Beaded Dragonfly Tile by Chatelaine.  Poor thing got shoved aside when I was having trouble fitting all the beads on 32ct fabric and it's been waiting patiently ever since!

It's stuck there at the moment.  I need to take out that row of beads near the top (see how a few of them are pushed out of alignment?) and try something else.  I think I may turn them all 90 degrees since they fit better that way, but I dunno.  Maybe I'll rechart a tiny bit and leave out two beads per side.  It's kind of sad how they allllllmost fit, but just barely don't.  Sigh.

I'll think about it AFTER my round robins are done!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spring Knotgarden is DONE!

FINALLY!  I put the last bead on a couple of hours ago, then ironed it and took it outside for some pictures.  Unfortunately, the sun is super bright right now, so the pictures came out a bit overexposed, and I wasn't able to correct them as well as I would have liked.  There will be more pictures later, but I couldn't have a huge finish like this and not post!

It's honestly not possible to capture the beauty and sparkle of this piece in a picture.  The colors are so much nicer than shown here! (For reference, the fabric is plain white Belfast so you can see how much the pictures are off.)  I'll try again later when it's not six bazillion degrees outside with the sun blazing down. :p

Friday, August 22, 2014

Spring Knotgarden - nearly there!

Super fast post... been working on this ever since I finished Bluebeard's Princess, and I keep forgetting to take a picture!  Next post on this one will be a finish! :D

Sorry for the terrible pic as usual, I'll be sure to take some nice ones when I finish.  Now... please excuse me, I have some more grass to stitch. :p

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

say hello to the fish lady!

Hihi, it's Bluebeard's Princess all done! :D

I'm too tired/busy/lazy right now to write a lot about her, plus no one really cares about a big wall of text when there's yummy finish pictures to be had!  So here's a bunch of pictures. :D

And no, I haven't ironed her yet, how could you tell? :p


I made some minor changes as I went along, but for the most part, she's stitched as charted.  I used whatever Delica beads I had on hand (I have a small stash of them for beadweaving) so the beads aren't exactly what the chart called for, but pretty close.  I made the beaded chains around her tail all in gold instead of gold and green because I wanted them to stand out more.  And of course, over-one skin and a different face, since her charted face looks kind of like an emotionless mask.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


VERY soon, because this picture is from yesterday and I've done a lot more since then...

My next post should be a finish! :D

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

mermaids have too much skin...

Sometimes I feel like this will never end!  But it's actually going pretty fast, considering how many tiny stitches there are.  I worked on the border yesterday, and went back to skin today.  Here's how she looks now. :D

Not bad for one night's work!  And I'll probably do a bit more before heading to bed.  I wonder how much longer she's going to take. :3

Sunday, August 03, 2014

my eyes asplode

Or maybe it's my neck that asploded from being hunched over to squint at the tiny holes.  I don't think I should stitch any more today... the back of my neck is pretty sore!

Time to move the q-snap, so here's a full pic of everything so far!

Closeup of dat fishy belly... lots of spaces for beads, as you can see.  In fact, all the blank spaces you see here are for beads.  There will be some MAJOR bling in this tail!

Hmm, I wonder if I should do more skin next, or maybe start working on the border so my eyes and neck can get a bit of a break.  But I think I'll leave it for tomorrow!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

quick mermaid update!

I don't want to spend a lot of time posting, but I did want to add a new picture so I can get a better look at my progress for the week. :)

The tail part of her tail is finished (hee hee) and I'll probably finish the rest of the fin on the left tonight.  And then I think it will be time to suck it up and stitch some over-one skin!

In less exciting news, I organized some of my stash today.  Well, just the WIPs/UFOs and anything that was kitted up.  Somehow I got all the WIPs/UFOs into two baskets that fit neatly on my living room bookshelves.  All the kitted up stuff is now in a small trunk that rests on the bottom tier of the coffee table.  I managed to go from five containers of stuff down to four... not a huge difference but it helps.

Plus it was nice to revisit all the in-progress pieces and to peek at the kitted charts!  There's a number of smalls in there so I might grab one of those if the over-one skin gets to me. :p