Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stitch from Stash - July report!

aka STILL Nothing to Report.

Well, I haven't stitched a thing... even had to drop out of the band sampler round robin I was in, because I've just been too tired to focus on anything recently.  Well, I did stitch a tiny bit on Bluebeard's Princess, but it's not worth a picture.  Everything in my life is happening at a snail's pace these days.

New starts from stash:
- none

WIPs or UFOs worked on:
- Bluebeard's Princess (barely)

Amount spent:
Way way WAY over budget.  Blew through the budget I had saved from previous months, plus this month's budget, plus a lot more.  This was my planned cheat month, and I cheated LIKE A BOSS.  I'm not even going to say how much money I spent, so there.

My cheating came in the forms of:
- Crafty Kitten birthday club
- ABC Stitch shopping visit
- 3 Stitches shopping visit
- Stitch and Frog order

Unfortunately, shopping did nothing to bring back my stitchy bug.  I probably won't buy anything else for the rest of the year because I see no "benefit" to doing so... I just don't care about stitching right now.  It's sad, but I just don't have any motivation to do anything beyond the basics, "thanks" to being so sick for so long.  I'm finally feeling better, but there's still a lot of questions about the whole situation, and I'm tired of everything that seems like "work" or "goals" or "stuff to get done" at the moment.



  1. Sorry to hear the mojo is gone. Definitely focus on feeling better and more motivated in general. And maybe we'll see you back soon :)

    1. Maybe sooner rather than later. I dragged my stitching to last night's knitting group (I'm such a rebel) and had a pretty good time with it. Not much progress, but it was nice to just get out of the house and do something normal/usual for a while. Hmm. :)

  2. I find my motivation goes up and down with these - I think that it'll come back with time and giving yourself a chance to relax and get over life's hurdles. That's my view on it anyway. Hi by the way, my first time commenting! :)

    1. Hi Liv, thanks for commenting! :) I think you're right, I just need to give things time... my "normal" life isn't back to normal yet, so I can't expect the stitchy life to be there yet either. I do find myself more interested in browsing other blogs and finish pictures lately, so maybe it's coming back soon. I even stitched a bit this morning, and it felt fun instead of like an obligation.

      Baby steps... :)

    2. Was so happy to see your latest post - glad it's coming back.

  3. Stitching will wait until you're ready for it again. Would love to see what you bought. Still laughing at you shopping like a boss!

  4. I followed your blog today after noticing that your needle shops are the same as mine. I live about an hour southeast of there.

    1. Oh, hey Margie, nice to meet you. :D I'm southwest of the shops, so we're not exactly neighbors, but pretty close! :)


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