Monday, July 28, 2014

OMG, I stitched!

And I didn't stitch a little.  I stitched a TON.

Over the weekend, we watched a lot of TV.  Like, A LOT.  We've been rewatching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in all its terribly acted live action glory, and after watching something like ten episodes in one day, we figured, ehhh, why not just finish the last few in the series?

The last time I posted a pic of Bluebeard's Princess, she looked like this.  That was on January 18.

I stitched on her a bit more since then, but I never took an updated photo because... I don't really know, honestly, but I did finish the fin part of her tail, plus a little bit of the tail itself.

Well.  I went a little crazy over the weekend, and this is how far I got by 5pm Sunday.

By 9:30pm, she looked like this...

And right now, here's how she looks.  Yes, this is a bit deceptive since the other pictures don't show the entire stitched area.  Everything at the bra line and above was completed a LONG time ago. :)  But if you compare the tail, you can see I made good progress this evening too!

It's kind of hard to believe that once I finish her tail, all that's left is the portion of her fin that's on the left of her tail, the border of the piece (still not sure how/if I want to stitch it), and... a TON of over-one skin.  Sob.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?


Ahem.  I guess I'm in the stitchy mood again.  All this progress felt effortless.  It's amazing how well I can concentrate now that I'm not half-dead and worried about being sick.  Yay! :)


  1. Holy gorgeous mermain tail Batman!! You made amazing progress. Glad to hear your stitching bug is beginning to return. I think I can say I honestly know how yoyy have been feeling. Hope things are resolving for you :)

  2. So glad your stitching mojo is back, and with a vengeance from the looks of your Mermaid. Wonderful progress! She's looking stunning!

  3. Happy stitching my dear.
    She is so pretty x

  4. I just read thus post and I have to ask if you watch sailor moon crystal as they're airing them? Just like the original but reimagined and (I think) prettier :)

  5. Yay I'm glad you're feeling better! Whoa look at you go - that is amazing work. She is beautiful, great job stunner!!!
    xo Alicia


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