Thursday, March 27, 2014

March WIPocalypse & goals!

Ahhh, where did March go?  Time flies when you're stressed out, I guess.  I'm combining a late WIPocalypse update with an on-time monthly goals post.  Yup.

First up, goals.

March's ridiculously ambitious goals were:
- Spring Knotgarden - half of part five, for real this time. - HAHAHA NO
- complete five blocks of Floral Fifteen OR start another JN - how about NO JN progress at all?
- band sampler round robin! :D - well, I mailed one but got another I didn't start yet... so sort of?
- post for all my SALs only once per month and ON TIME :x - did SFS, late WIPocalypse, no JN this month... sigh
- keep spending within Stitch from Stash limits! - didn't spend a penny!

Ugh, that did NOT go well.  My de-stress activity of the month was gaming instead of stitching, and I anticipate that continuing into April since I just started the next game in a series I love.  I'm already a third of the way into it, so I'll probably finish in a couple of weeks and get back to stitching.

April's goals are:
- finish Cattleya Orchid
- complete five blocks of Floral Fifteen OR start another JN
- band sampler round robin! :D
- post for all my SALs only once per month and ON TIME :x
- keep spending within Stitch from Stash limits!

I'll let Spring Knotgarden continue taking a nap for a little while.  And let's not even think about how little I've done toward my yearly goals... sigh.  At least I'm stitching something, right?

Here's the orchid as of now!  I'm really NOT enjoying the little blackwork orchids around the center garden.  They look great on the chart but don't translate well to the fabric... too much over-one backstitching, it makes the whole thing look like a blob rather than a defined orchid shape.  Meh.

Okay, and for WIPocalypse, this month is about the places you stitch!  I only have one place and that's the couch in the living room.  Here's a real-life, didn't-bother-to-clean pic of what it looks like right now.  Mmm, dirty carpet.  In my defense, when I was a kid my dad would make me vacuum EVERY NIGHT so I feel like I've already hit my lifetime vacuuming quota, mmmkay?

Sooo, it's pretty clear that the right side (left in the pic) is my half of the couch, with all the charts and threads all over the arm of the couch and the coffee table in front of it.  The middle is my wife's spot, and you can see her knitting on the table toward the right side of the pic.  Obviously the last cushion is reserved for cats, as modeled by Loki and his awesome cone of shame.

Oh, and the zippers are visible on "our" cushions because they had to be turned around.  The outside edge got squashed by too much sitting (haha) so we're trying to even them out a little.  Might be time for a new couch, ya think?  Actually, I'd love to get the cushions re-stuffed or whatever, I looove this couch and we have a barely used loveseat and armchair to match.  Why replace all that just because a couple of cushions got smooshed?

Okay.  Back to those stupid blackwork orchids... *pout*


  1. Orchid is looking great! The colors are so beautiful and your stitching is bringing the pattern to life.

    1. Thanks! I'm still having to frog a LOT, but I'm making good progress and it should be my next finish. :)

  2. Beautiful stitching...
    Have a lovely day
    Hugs x

  3. Beautiful colours. And the stitching corner looks really cozy and stitching friendly!
    Alicia xo


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