Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash - February report!

Wow, it's been a LONG time since I posted!  Here's my SFS post in case I don't have time later on this month.  Been busy with a sick cat, a sudden (but very welcome) work opportunity, and... honestly, I haven't been stitching a ton because we've been gaming in the evenings.

There's still a good amount of stuff to report though!

New starts from stash:
- Barnabee in Bloom (Just Nan)
- Snow Tin Topper (Just Nan)
- Snow Needle Mitten (Just Nan)
- Cattleya Orchid Panel (Chatelaine)

I'm not showing my Just Nan pics here because I'm saving them for my JN SAL post, but here is my start on the orchid!  The colors are horribly off but you get the idea.  This was actually my Valentine's gift from my wife so it wasn't really in my stash at the beginning of the challenge, but I guess it counts since it became part of my stash through gifting. :)

It's a quick stitch for a Chatelaine, I'm just taking forever because of all the other stuff going on in my life.  This is roughly the top third of the design already!

WIPs or UFOs worked on:
- Spring Knotgarden (Chatelaine)

This was my main focus for the month until I got a little burned out on the complex grass on the border.  I switched over to my Just Nan stitching around the middle of the month to give myself a break!  I'll get back to this cutie next month for sure. :)

Amount spent:
- regular budget:  $28.38 (of $31.68 from Jan/Feb) ... $3.30 to carry over into March!
- splurge budget:  $86 (of $100) ... NO carry over allowed :)

I also received some Just Nan charts as a gift from my wife... I was pouting over a big sale on FB, and she took a look at the list and picked out some stuff she wants me to make for her. :)  She ended up paying about $60 for items that retailed for $100 and gave them to me for Valentine's Day.  Yes, in addition to the Chatelaine.  I am spoiled, what can I say? :)

Or maybe she realizes how good she has it, with me tolerating her yarn addiction. :p

So here's what I got with my splurge budget...
- Cricket Collection - Tall Oaks
- Elizabeth's Designs - Friends Alphabet
- Ink Circles - Four de Lys
- Jeannette Douglas - Pomegranate and Pear Stitches
- Just Nan - Christmas Cheer
- Just Nan - Ebony Rose
- Just Nan - Octagonal Peacock
- Mirabilia - Biancabella
- Sweetheart Tree - June - Pearl & Rose
- Sweetheart Tree - Spring Blossoms Fob
- Victoria Sampler - Birthday Needleroll Kit - July

And with my regular budget:
- Angel of Hope - L&L (cheap on FB!)
- Barnabee's Quest Parts 1, 2, 3 - Just Nan (awesome ebay deal!)

I was gifted:
- Chatelaine - Cattleya Orchid Panel
- Just Nan - Autumn Glory Humbug
- Just Nan - Pansies Please
- Just Nan - Spring Frills Humbug
- Just Nan - Summer Wings Humbug
- Just Nan - When Barnabee Met Bella

I feel like I was super spoiled this month because of gifts and good luck!  I found a shop that had discounted prices every day, and they were having 30% off on top of that, so I was able to get a lot and still stay under the $100 splurge budget.  A bunch of splurge items were things my wife wanted, but since she got me so many gifts this month I thought it was only fair for me to count my gifts to her. :)

Besides, I'm gonna be the one stitching them anyway. XD

And with $600+ in emergency vet bills over the weekend, I'm pretty sure I won't get getting any gifts for a loooong time... siiiigh.  At least my kitty is feeling better now. :)


  1. Wow, what a great month! And how lovely to have a partner who not only understands the hobby but also has a great eye for lovely designs. My hubby is happy to treat me but prefers me to choose!
    Glad the cat is feeling better too.

    1. Yes, it's super nice to have someone who gets it when it comes to crafting! Plus she has the yarn stash of doom, so she can't really point fingers. :p We have pretty much the same taste in everything. If you handed us each the same catalog of stitchy items and said "you can pick only three things to get," we would choose at least 2 of 3 the same!

      Kitty is so much better now. I just wish he'd pee in the litter box instead of everywhere else! Poor doofus has a UTI and thinks that litter box = ouch, because that's how it was happening over the weekend. Sigh.

  2. Awesome stash, and an awesome wife!

    Those vet bills sure can mount up quickly. Glad your kitty is feeling better.

    1. This stash will have to last me for a while! Can't believe how quickly the vet visits and meds (FOUR of them!) piled up, but it's such a relief to have him back to normal. He's a hyper kitty and he stopped playing, got all lethargic, etc. He's back to being super annoying. :)

  3. Great month for you! You have a great wife. Glad that kitty is back to normal, I know its hard to see them ill.

    1. We spoil each other rotten. :D

      It was so sad to hear him crying after using the litter box. No wonder he's hesitant to use it now. He's a super happy cat who gets along with everyone, so I knew he was in serious pain when he got all growly. I've never heard him hiss before this weekend, and he's been with me for over two years!

  4. what great stash. Glad the kitty is feeling better.


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