Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Spring and lessons learned...

It's all Spring Knotgarden, all the time now. :)  I finished up the grass and made a good start on one of the part five corners.  I may "cheat" and do the border-y part on another corner first before tackling the grassy area that's above the border.  We'll see.

Sorry about the pictures, it's gloomy today and I've color corrected them as well as I could.  The fabric is plain white so that gives you an idea of how weirdly these pictures are tinted...

As far as lessons learned, I keep a kind of mental list of things NOT to do, because every time I've done them in the past, I've been disappointed.  But I keep doing them anyway!  So obviously I need a reminder, especially since I'm being tempted by sales and such!

- NO mystery SALs (every one I have joined has been a major disappointment, I even went so far as to completely frog one I had done quite a bit of work on so I could save the fabric!)
- NO 28ct fabric (I hate how my stitches look on 28ct)
- NO evenweave, except for HAED-style patterns (I prefer the openness of linen)
- NO opal fabrics (they always seem so overpowering when I use them)
- NO more buying HAED-style patterns (I already have too many I won't stitch)
- NO visits to the LNS (I don't like either LNS and I impulse buy when I go there!)
- NO Gloriana, SNC, WDW, GAST threads (rough, tangly, and nasty!)
- NO getting sucked into monthly/themed chart series (CCN cottages, anyone??)

That last one is kind of funny since I have half of the Cottage Garden Samplings "My Garden Journal" series and I'm thinking of getting the other six just because!  Uggggh, Rahenna, don't be a dummy!

In other news... at the moment, the stuff on my 123Stitch wishlist costs $199.81.  I have a $200 gift card.  SO TEMPTING, hahaha. :p

Nope.  Gonna wait. :3  Maybe I'll go start a new Just Nan project to satisfy my lust for new stuff!


  1. That looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO spectacular, Rahenna!! I say cheat however you want, hehehe.

    LOL at your list of don'ts. I'm with ya on the 28ct. My stitches always look giant on them. I don't like anything Mystery. I need to know what I'm spending my time and money on. Ditto on the HAED stuff and LNS, and themed charts.

    BTW, for some reason, you're showing up as a no-reply blogger on your comments. Hrmm. Good thing I have your email addy. LOL!

    Hey!!! You have 19 more cents to spend. ;)


    1. I am seriously gonna punch Google in the face. I have so many accounts and some are set to allow replies and some aren't, and I never really know which one I'm using when I post because I bounce between my different email addresses all day doing stuff. *punt*

      28ct is all like CROSS-STITCH, LARGE PRINT EDITION!!!! and I'm like NOPE. My Mira Titania is on 28ct and she is HUGE. I mean, she's huge anyway, but mine is extra huge because I started her on 28ct a billion years ago and I wasn't about to restart since she was about half done when I rescued her from the UFO pile. Buuuuuuuuu.

      19 cents won't even buy a skein of DMC! :p

  2. Love your Knotgarden!
    Well done on listing all your "do not do's"! I am with you with Mystery designs... I like to know what I am going to be seeing at the end so that I know what I am aiming for!! :o)

    1. Now I just need to stick to them! Some are more tempting than others but it always ends in tears. Okay, not TEARS but disappointment and time wasted trying to offload the stuff I don't like. :p

      Mystery designs are a great idea but I keep signing up for ones with designers who aren't my absolute favorites, either because I'm afraid of missing out or I see so many others signing up and I think "wow, how cool to stitch with so many others!" The ONLY mystery design I've ever liked was Tree of Stitches, and I signed up for that after more than half of it was released and I saw pictures on many blogs. I would actually stitch that again if my hard drive hadn't been fried by lightning!

      Wow, I'm wordy today... XD

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    1. Thank you! I don't have much progress to show for the last week since I stitched some other things, but I'm picking this beauty back up today. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Faith! This one is FAR from finished, though! :)

  5. Spring Knotgarden is just stunning! If these are "not good" photos I don't know if I could cope with the real thing!

    I totally agree with you on most of your NOs, except for evenweave (which I love for Mirabilia and Joan Elliott), opal fabrics (which I like for Christmas or snowy themed stitching) and the special threads but for me it's a cost issue.

    And yeah 19c wouldn't buy me the label off a skein of DMC here! 90p a skein at my LKS (Local Knitting Shop)


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