Sunday, February 16, 2014

long time no post!

Wow, it's been 11 days since my last post!  I think that's the longest I've gone without posting so far this year, but I haven't been stitching as much so there wasn't anything to post.

I guess I got a little burned out on Spring Knotgarden since the grassy areas of part five are pretty challenging with a lot of quarter stitches, color changes, and over-one areas.  I still haven't even finished half of one corner!  I did get the border section done on another corner, and I finished the part two grass and all the missing beads from parts two and three (except the really big crystals), so it's not hopeless. :p

Full project so far:

Closer view of the top corners:

I think the way I approached the grass was "wrong" in a way... I started at the end near the point of the corner, thinking the narrower area would be easier.  On the next side, I'll try starting near the middle and get the over-one out of the way first.  This will give me more stitched areas to use when anchoring new threads, too.  I'm kind of embarrassed by how bad the back of the grass looks right now... urp.

ALSO, my wife got me just what I wanted for Valentine's Day!

Awwww yissss. XD  It's the Cattleya Orchid by Chatelaine and as you can see, I've already kitted this sucker up and even put the fabric on the qsnap!  I'm missing a few threads in the picture but they're with Spring Knotgarden's kit, so I'm all set to go!  Well, except for the beads, but I hear that those may make an appearance later this month. :3

It's really nice, I was able to kit this 100% from stash by subbing some Waterlilies I already had for some Dinky Dyes I was missing, and by sharing with Spring Knotgarden.  The fabric is Aerial by PTP, which I had in my stash thanks to being part of their fabric of the month program last year.  I've seen the orchid done on white by at least two different bloggers, but I really wanted a blue background... I'm all bored with white since SK is on plain white Belfast. :p

Annnnd this weekend was an "exception" weekend for the Stitch from Stash group!  The normal budget is $25 per month, but there was a special use-it-or-lose-it budget of $100 for this weekend to celebrate the Nashville releases.  The money could be used on anything, so I went bargain hunting and scored some very nice things for very nice prices!

I hit both LNS in my area but didn't find much - I came out for less than $40 total between the two, but I did get four charts from my wishlist.  Then I found a shop having 30% off their usual, already discounted prices, and I picked up seven items for about $46, including a small Victoria Sampler needleroll kit!  About $30 of that was stuff my wife wanted, but I'm including it in the budget anyway.  After all, she got ME some gifts earlier this month, so it's only fair. :)

I still have $14 burning a hole in my pocket, hahaha.  I don't think I'll be spending it, and it will expire after the weekend ends.  That's okay, I have plenty to keep me busy. :)

And no, I'm not showing my new stash!  I'm saving the reveal for my real Stitch from Stash SAL post at the end of the month. :3


  1. Your stitching is looking great and lucky you splurging this weekend! I was ever so good and didn't spend any of the extra...but I am regretting it a little now :D

    1. I was ready to set Spring Knotgarden on fire last night, so it's taking a rest this week! The orchid is calling and I think I'm going to start it RIGHT NOW.

      I'm so baaaaaad at being good. I really needed that splurge! Now I can be tough and soldier on. XD

  2. Oh, that's a beautiful new project waiting to go! Looking forward to seeing some progress. :) I love how the knotgarden is turning out too, even if it is being pesky.

  3. Knotgarden is so beautiful...
    I like the idea of your new start :o)


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