Saturday, February 01, 2014

January/February Goals!

Ahhhhhh, I missed the Just Nan SAL report-in for January!  I keep forgetting that since Zeb lives in New Zealand, she is IN THE FUTUREEEE and I need to post on time to keep up.  I kind of hesitated because I posted about my Just Nan progress throughout the month and I didn't want to keep repeating the same stuff.

SO.  For my SALs, I will NOT be posting about them until the end of the month to avoid boring duplicates and missed deadlines!  Should be more interesting for my dear readers too. :3

Okay, time for the actual goal review!

January's goals were:
- finish part 2 of Spring Knotgarden - YES!
- finish Hope - YES!
- start and complete five blocks of Floral Fifteen (for Just Nan SAL) - YES!
- keep spending to $25 or less (for Stitch from Stash) - YES!

I DID IT!  Met all my goals, and in addition, I finished part four of Spring Knotgarden too!  Wanna see? :D


No flash:

Fancy angled shot:

Now, I know I'm missing the grass that's between the bottoms of the triangles and the main part of the center, but I don't remember which part that goes with!  So I consider my goal more than complete, since when I said "part two" I really meant those funny-looking gardens that are shaped like cat heads.  Haha. :p

And now, my new goals... :3

February's goals are:
- Spring Knotgarden - half of part five (because it looks crazy!) and the missing grass!
- complete five blocks of Floral Fifteen OR start another JN
- band sampler round robin! :D
- post for all my SALs only once per month and ON TIME :x
- keep spending within Stitch from Stash limits!

I'm not sure if I want to keep going with Floral Fifteen right now as the multiple color changes are hard to handle... Spring Knotgarden has more than enough of that!  So I'll leave the JN goal a bit open so I have the option to start something new if I can't deal with FF this month.

Oh, and for Stitch from Stash, I've decided to give myself a break and NOT include the knitting pattern I bought last month (Mel emailed me to say I could, so it's kosher!) so I have $6.68 from last month, plus $25 from this month, or $31.68 total.  Except I already spent five bucks on a wishlist pattern of mine!  I'll save the identity of the pattern for my Stitch from Stash report, though. :)


  1. This is such a lovely piece. The colours are so rich. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Thanks! I'm having a hard time putting it down :)

  2. Spring Knotgarden is looking beautiful!

    What a great idea to have a monthly budget for stash. I tend to go through phases of spending a lot and then nothing for ages, but good stash is hard to find in New Zealand and I generally buy from the US. I'm sure I'd be a lot worse if I had easy access to the type of designs I like.

    1. I'm really bad about spending and have been my entire life! If I find a new hobby or obsession, I jump in and tend to get WAY over my head very fast. I've been overspending on stitchy stuff for too long now, so I really need to challenge myself. :) I bet if I lived in NZ, I'd do the same since most shops will mail internationally. :p

  3. Knotgarden is beautiful. Good luck with your great goals.

  4. Congratulations on achieving all of your goals, and knot garden is stunning, love it!

  5. Well done on achieving your January goals!
    Knotgarden looks stunning :)

  6. I love the Knot Garden. It looks finished already to me - can't wait to see what else you are going to do to it! And well done on meeting all your January goals, a great start to the year.

  7. Well done on meeting all your goals!

  8. Awesome goal meeting!! That doesn't quite sound right, but you know what I mean. LOL!! SK is looking STUNNNNiiiiiing. :D


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