Saturday, January 04, 2014

maid of bling!

I have my first two finishes of the new year!  First up is Hope, who just popped off the qsnaps about ten minutes ago. :)  With SEVEN colors of kreinik braid plus TWO colors of kreinik ribbon AND one color of beads, she is definitely the maid of bling!

If you're curious, Hope is a design by Brooke Nolan that appeared in the Sep/Oct 2011 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.  I have about a hundred bazillion Brooke's Books designs, but this is the first one from this designer that I actually stitched.  Shaaaaame. :p

Now, with all this shiny shiz, she was an expensive little stitch.  If you want to save a few bucks, you could easily cut out the floaty white/pink stuff around her head, and just use DMC red for her necklace and the few shiny stitches on her lips.  That would cut out three of the regular kreiniks right there.  The ribbons could be replaced with any thin ribbon you have on hand, or share the kreinik spools with a friend.  Or a dozen friends, because so little is used in the design.

Honestly, stitching this one with a few friends would be the best way to cut the cost.  She's a small design and I'm sure that a spool of even the most heavily used braids could easily supply over ten stitchers!

Just a warning, she is rather challenging for her size due to the many many MANY color changes in her skin.  Seriously, there are about ten different colors for her skin and blush.  I had to really power through to get her done.  But you have to admit the effect is awesome. :D

I also finished a tiny knitting project on January 1. :p  This poor thing had been lingering in my knitting bag for months while I worked on my first big project.  I finished it up in one sitting!  Our LYS (local yarn shop!) collects knitted washcloths for a charity that distributes them to people with serious health problems.  The hope is to boost their moods with a handmade item created with love. :)

Apparently little washcloths are child's play after making a huuuuge shawl. XD  As a reward for getting this one off my plate, I started a new shawl with some gorgeous silk yarn.  Unfortunately it's just a blob of nothing with only two rows done, so no progress pic yet!

Okay... back to knitting.  Or maybe I'll start Floral Fifteen.  Decisions, decisions!


  1. Great finishes.Hope is beautiful:)

  2. She looks stunning - just great detail :)

  3. She was worth the expensive, it's stunning !!!!

  4. Two lovely finishes! Starting as you mean to go on for 2014? ;)

  5. Love both these finishes. What a great idea to share metallic threads.

  6. I think I have that issue! Now to see how much it'll cost. Is it easy to get the ribbon she recomended? Either way, gorgeous!

    1. I got the ribbons from my LNS but I think any big online shop will stock them. Or I could just send you a few lengths of each color, because there's really no need to buy an entire spool for the tiny amount that's used. Email me! :D

  7. Hope is just STUNNING. I really like the beautiful (if expensive) ribbons in her hair. All those colour changes has given her a beautiful expression on her face. A very eye-catching finish. :)

  8. Bling Bling my favourite thing! She's a beautiful little sparkly girl!
    Well stitched.
    Alicia xo


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