Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Floral Fifteen... it begins...

Made a humble start on Floral Fifteen for the Just Nan SAL.  Not much to see so far as I've completed about 2.5 blocks out of 15, but every little bit helps!  I plan to get the five squares on the mint fabric done soon, then I'll swap to Bluebeard's Princess for a while.

I decided to switch the colors on each of the duplicate pink and purple motifs in the green section.  It looks like every other square on this project is a different pattern, so I was kind of disappointed to see that there's two repeats in the green areas.  So the shapes will stay the same, but the colors will go from darkest on the outside to lightest on the inside.

It'll make more sense when I finish the squares. :p


  1. I love this biscornu and your stitching is beautiful. Looking forward to your progress.

  2. Beautiful stitching Rahenna! And the great thing about stitching is how we end up personalising and making it our own :)

  3. Beautiful stitching. Looking forward to seeing this one develop.

  4. Nice start, these are very pretty flowers. Now I have to go and look at the finished design!


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