Sunday, January 12, 2014

a new challenger appears!

Just kidding, it's an old WIP.  I'll get to that in a minute, but first, I've finished my monthly goal for stitching on Just Nan's Floral Fifteen!  All the green squares are complete, finally.  I love these designs but the number of color changes is gonna kill me...

With that done, the original plan was to finish Bluebeard's Princess, but when I was sorting my new fabric stash (purchased last year, I have been sticking to the Stitch from Stash rules this year!!) for photos, I found my WIP of Chatelaine's Spring Knotgarden.  It hadn't been touched in about a year and a half.  SHAME!  I rescued it from the fabric box and got to work.

Here's the full image and a closeup of the corner I'm working on.  Most of the blue background was missing when I first dug it out, but it worked up really fast and now I'm beading the corner. :)

So with that, I'm changing my goal to "finish stitching Bluebeard's Princess" to "finish part 2 of Spring Knotgarden" ...aka the two giant and obvious empty spaces you can see in the zoomed out picture. :)

And finally, I've spent my stash budget for the month. :p  Here's what I got!

1.  Emozioni by Renato Parolin ($13.82)
2.  Poinsettia Star by Faby Reilly ($4.50)
3.  Afterglow shawl pattern by Diana Rozenshteyn ($5.00)

I wasn't sure if I should count the shawl since that's knitting and not cross stitch, but in the spirit of things I figured why not?  And yes, I already had the yarn, so I'm not cheating by counting the pattern and not the (super expensive silk, thx!) yarn. :p

 I have $1.68 left for January but I think I'll save that for next time. ;)


  1. Lovely progress on your stitching!

    I'm doing ok so far, I spent £2 this month! My card has also been eaten by the atm last week so that is preventing me from spending!!

  2. Your WIPs look great! That shawl is going to be fantastic. Are you going with the orangey-gold or another colour?

    1. I'm using this color from my stash. :)

      Hopefully the link works, Ravelry is somewhat limited if you don't have an account.

  3. It's going to be fun to see how everyone spends their stitching allowance. Love your choices! (and your current stitching)

    1. Thanks! I've seen some charts since I did my shopping that are making me regret using up my budget so early in the month, but I MUST STAY STRONG. XD


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