Monday, December 30, 2013

stitchy plans for 2014!

I've already posted my December results and new January goals.  Now it's time for stitching goals for 2014 as a whole.  I'm feeling ambitious since 2013 was a BIG stitching year for me, with 23 finishes.

For fun, let's break it down:
- 5 big finishes (ex:  full size Mirabilia)
- 6 medium finishes (ex:  pixie size Mirabilia)
- 11 small finishes (ex:  ornaments, simple patterns)
- and one large knitting finish!

Sooooo I think I can handle a lot in 2014. :p

The first two categories are for current WIPs.  I have ten at the moment, and I've assigned all of them to a category since I want to ensure that I make progress on each one in 2014, even if I don't plan to finish them all.  I'll try to make these the priority, but of course new starts will sneak in from time to time. :)

current WIPs to complete in 2014:
- Angel Procession (Wentzler)
- Beaded Dragonfly Tile (Chatelaine)
- Bluebeard's Princess (Mirabilia)
- Gypsy Mermaid (Mirabilia)
- Hope (Brooke Nolan)
- Spring Knotgarden (Chatelaine)

current WIPs to work on in 2014:
- Air ACEO (Butcher/HAED)
- Fatum (Passione Ricamo)
- Night (Wentzler)
- Transcendence (Sessler/HAED)

And now the planned new starts.  Trying to keep these to items on my bucket list so I can start getting through my absolute favorites instead of being distracted by every new thing!  I'll be doing a bunch of Just Nan designs as well, since I joined Zeb's SAL.  I don't know which ones I'll manage to finish, so I won't list any beyond the two I really want to get done. :)

new starts to complete in 2014:
- A Day at the Beach (Swetheart Tree)
- Busy Bee Sampler (Sweetheart Tree)
- Floral Fifteen (Just Nan)
- Harmony (Just Nan)
- Honor Thy Needle Etui (Twisted Oaks Designs)
- Letters from Nora A (Mirabilia)
- Pennellate di Magia (Renato Parolin)
- The Perennial Border (Drawn Thread)

new starts to work on in 2014:
- Chinese Garden Mandala (Chatelaine)
- Day Nymph (Mirabilia)
- Fairy Idyll (Mirabilia)
- Etude aux Fraises (Veronique Enginger)

AND I have a round robin to keep up with!


But don't you get excited just LOOKING at this pile of stuff waiting to be started?

PS - cruising right along with Hope, too!  Loooove that hair!


  1. Oh my goodness..... What a stitching-fun-pack year you have planned! I love the designs that you have on your start list... and your current WIP's wow.... you will be busy!
    Can't wait to see your updates
    Have a wonderful New "Stitching" New Year!

    1. I hope I can keep it fun and not pressure myself to keep to this crazy list if it turns out to be totally unrealistic! Would like to at least get those WIPs done. :)

      Looking forward to a new year start... :D

  2. You've definitely been taking crazy pills! Those new starts look gorgeous, and I like how you have chosen which pieces you definitely want to finish in 2014. Happy New Year and good luck!


      I'll probably look at this in a week and shake my head. :p

  3. Crazy pills indeed! LOL but that's ok, I'm just a tad lala too ;)

    I love your pic of stuff waiting to be stitched, and oh my, look at all those gorgeous threads!

    Happy New Year Rahenna!


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