Friday, December 20, 2013

starting to plan for next year!

Mmmm, everyone loves digging through stash and planning what to do next, right?  Right!  So to get in the mood, I've joined some SALs and a round robin so I can have some more interesting goals for next year.

First up, the top portion of my band sampler round robin!  Yeah, it's done more than a month in advance, but I didn't want to wait until the last minute on this.  With and without flash...

Next, I joined a Just Nan SAL for next year. (Click the button in my sidebar if you want to join too!) I thought for sure I didn't have enough for an entire year of stitching, but once I pulled everything out and put it all together... yeaaaaaah.

 Annnnd I did a bunch more on Transcendence.  So many greens!

Getting close to a page finish, actually.  This is page eight, but I still have to go back and finish pages 5-7 (all very tiny partials or not stitched at all - page 6 is all black so not doing that one!) before I can say it's solidly done up through page 8.  Clearly this will NOT be on my "to finish in 2014" list. :p

Whew.  That was a lot. :D


  1. *drools* NICE selection of Just Nan's there, some rare ones too. Looking forward to seeing what you stitch :D

  2. I am doing Mystic Garden and I've also never seen so many shades of green in my life....I do believe I'm still missing some greens for it as well!

  3. It looks that you have plenty for the Just Nan SAL. Good luck! Transcendence is looking like lots and lots of hard work. Stitching on black! I bought a kit on sale with black fabric and planning on changing the fabric. Poor eyes. Oh, and well done for being a month in advance. Wish I was in a few of my commitments. Good luck for this year!


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