Sunday, December 15, 2013

round robin inspiration!

I'm participating in a band sampler round robin next year, and I've had the hardest time choosing my fabric and thread colors.  Last night I sat down to pick out all my materials for the THIRD time, and inspiration came from an unexpected place.. :)

I was torn between a blue/pinkish fabric and a pretty green.  I looked up and saw one of my pokemon plush sitting on the sofa across the room from me, and inspiration hit.

My band sampler will be based on the colors of my favorite pokemon. XD

I'm a big collector of Snivy and her evolutions (seriously, there is Snivy stuff in just about every room of the house now!) and if the colors are good enough for my favorite sassy reptile, they're good enough for me!

Snivy approves of this decision! (just ignore the cat hair on the carpet, haha)


  1. Love it LOL I think I am going to need to send my friend who manages PokeCollection to come have a looksee :)


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