Sunday, December 08, 2013

a sea of green

I haven't posted an update on Transcendence in forever... mainly because I haven't worked on it in months!  I finished up a "page" - which is really a page from my printer, since I split each real page in half (top and bottom) and work on one half at a time.  I just finished the top half of page eight.  I had a good portion of it done already but I'd say the work I did this weekend amounts to about a quarter of a full HAED page.

Unfortunately, this only looks like a sad little blob since I didn't take it off the snaps for a full picture.  I've already moved down into the bottom half of the page... the spot on the right where a lot of threads are parked is the halfway line for the page.

It's kind of neat because you can see a little purple butterfly in the top left, finally. :)  I don't even want to think about how many colors were in that thing, though. :x

Chart pic as a reminder. :)  Yes, my purple blob is the very FIRST butterfly on the left.  So many more stitches to go...

This will continue to be my only focus through next weekend.  I wonder how much I can do!


  1. Looks fantastic, and you can definitely see the picture coming together... the colours are so vibrant, especially against the black

    1. Thanks! I love how bright it looks against the black. And I'm happy that I don't have to stitch all that black to get the dramatic effect. :)


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