Sunday, September 01, 2013

TW freebie finish

I haven't stitched in a while (yup, games!) but I picked up a little TW freebie last night and finished it in one sitting.  This is Father Winter Ornament by Teresa Wentzler, stitched on opal Cashel:

I finally got the threads I need to finish my AAN An Important Flower, so I'll probably work on that next.  Then again, you never know what I'll find to distract me... :)


  1. Wow it is looking so beautiful..
    Hugs x

  2. Wow you stitched that quick! Its lovely :)

  3. How pretty. It's so small and yet so recognisable as a TW piece. Was the sand coloured border blended? :-)

    1. The border is just solid 422, which is surprising! This piece does use a lot of typical TW colors but there's only one blend, the lighter colored leaves in the holly. I think that's what made it go so fast. :D


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