Monday, September 02, 2013

to dye for :)

Did something a little different this weekend, hoping I can save and even earn some money in the long run... by learning to hand dye!  Here are some of the results of my first experiments.  There's some fabric too, but I haven't washed it out yet.  Got tired of washing!

My first threads!
These all started out as plain white DMC. :)

And one of two yarns I dyed.
The other is in the dryer right now. :)

So I think my next project will be a monochrome small to see how the threads look!  I'm really surprised that they stayed so bright even after drying off.  The colors did lighten up a little but they are still pretty intense even after a lot of washing.  Yay!


  1. Wow those are super bright and very pretty! Great job :-) What did you dye them with?

    1. I actually used a crappy kids' tie-dye kit!

      Similar to that one but with more colors. I also ordered some procion dyes that I'll use for my next experiments... much cheaper and more uses. The tie-dye kit had premeasured dye so you could only use it once. Boo!

  2. Love the blue/purple 5th from the left. I'll definitely be interested when you're ready to sell. :)

  3. They are all beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how they stitch up:)

  4. Love the green/fuchsia one and the blue/purple, oh and the fuchsia/purple one. They are all great though!!

  5. Wow! From plain white to those amazing colours?! Fantastic :D

  6. WOW!! They are wicked. Good job you! I really love the fuchsia thread. Can't wait to see some stitching with these beauties.
    Alicia ox

  7. They look great. The colours are so vibrant. Definitely worth giving a try.


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