Tuesday, September 24, 2013

so much for no new starts...

Haha, I lied.  I started Mermaid Azure pretty much the moment I got her in the mail yesterday.  I did a bit of her fin last night and the rest of what you see is from today.

The fabric is showing darker and more purple than it actually is. :/  It's Uplifting Currents by Under the Sea Fabrics.  My piece does have a lot of purple in it, unlike the sample picture, but it's not quite as dark as pictured here.  Hmm.

Anyway, can't wait to do more on Pickles tomorrow.  Haha, what?  Someone on FB said her body reminded them of a pickle and I keep thinking about that as I stitch her nice pickle-y green tail... so now she's Pickles. :p


  1. You didn't go for shark infested waters then?! Welcome Pickles...she's gorgeous. You can't have put her down since she arrived - what progress!

  2. Pickles is looking great and the fabric is beautiful - I can't wait to see her come to life :)

  3. The colours are awesome! They're standing out so nicely against the fabric.

  4. Very cute!! :) She's going to really pop on that fabric!

  5. She is turning out lovely! I think I might need to add her to my "must stitch" list.


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