Sunday, September 22, 2013

showing some skin!

I LOVE this design!  There's lots of color changes, but the colors are so rich and they go so well together that I'm not bothered at all by switching colors often.  Parking the threads when working in an area helps too... learned that from my HAEDs. :)

I got a TON of her skin done today, I'm super pleased with my progress!  I borrowed a trick I saw some people doing in a FB group... I stitched the outline of the area with a monofiliment thread so I can just fill in what's needed.  The monofiliment is great because it doesn't split when you try stitching close to it.

I'm filling the skin with basketweave stitch, which gets its name from how the reverse of the work looks.  I took a closeup, isn't it cool?  Just ignore all the barfy stuff around it, ahahaha.  I don't care too much about the back of my stitching.  As long as there's no knots or loose threads hanging around, we cool. ;)

I thought the skin would be a nightmare but it's been fun so far.  I started a bit of her tail below her hair but I think I'll stick with skin for now.  Super pleased with how this is coming along. :D


  1. Oh wow, this is looking amazing :)
    Well done, great progress!!

  2. Its looking so good - the colours are so beautiful :) xx

  3. Amazing is right! Beautiful colours. Off to google basket weave stitch now!

  4. Wow, that basket weave looks so pretty from the back! Definitely a stitch I need to learn.

  5. Lovely deep sea colours! She will be very pretty when finished!

  6. The over 1 looks great. I do think it is worth the extra effort.


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