Friday, September 20, 2013

mermaid princess comes out to play

Now that I'm done with An Important Flower, my Bluebeard's Princess will be my focus piece.  She's going faster than I expected now that I've gotten to the more solid chunks of her hair.

The colors in this picture are pretty accurate.  Yay for Photoshop. :)

I plan to finish at least her hair this weekend.  Then I'll decide if I want to do her skin over one... eep!  I love the way it looks but it takes SO LONG.  If I do go with over one, I'll be doing it in basketweave stitch for speed and to avoid distorting the fabric too much.

Whatever I decide, I'll do Gypsy Mermaid's skin the same way as they are sisters. :)


  1. It looks lovely !! I have never tried basketweave stitch.
    I also made something mermaid recently, a crochet mermaid bag.


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