Saturday, August 10, 2013

I need an intervention

Someone take the needle away before I hurt myself.

So I'm in a FB SAL (yes again) for An Important Flower by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks (you can buy it here as a PDF download) and that combined with another stitch count challenge has led to insanity.

The AAN SAL started on August 1 and by the 4th or so, I had this.

I didn't pick it up again for a few days.  Then the stitch count challenge kicked in.  It was only 600 stitches from Thursday to Sunday, but let's just say I stopped counting when I hit 1416...

These two pics were taken TODAY, one at about noon and the other at about 11pm.  And yes, I did do other things today!  Mostly playing Torchlight II but hey, that's something else even if it's just games. :p

I only stopped working on the pink because I ran out of thread!

I need to go to bed. XD


  1. Wow busy girl. It looks fabulous

  2. Why would you need an intervention when you are doing some amazing stitching. Unless you didn't stop for food then you may have problems LOL! I hope you had a restful sleep and weren't sleepstitching throughout the nigh. Be proud of all the beautiful stitching you achieved, looking great stunner!
    Alicia xo

  3. Lots of progress and it's so pretty.


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