Saturday, August 24, 2013

frame plans!

Okay, I hate framing my own stuff... it's a fussy and tedious process, but when you realize that you're paying an average of $30 per frame rather than $200+ to have someone do it for you... yeaaaaah.

So I got my butt over to Frames By Mail today and picked out frames for seven projects!  Here's the sample pictures I saved from the site.  I really like that you can upload your own pictures and see exactly what it will look like.  You have to use the "classic viewer" though - the link's at the bottom left of the screen if you decide to check it out. :D

I didn't choose mats for all of them, so let's sort them.

No mats first.  Iris (on the right) will be framed with no fabric showing, I just had a cruddy picture of my finish so it looks like a white mat. :x  And the wisteria doesn't have a mat either, I had to add a border to the picture to represent all the free fabric I'm leaving around the image. :p

And all of these do have mats.  I went nuts with double mats for once... I usually don't go for something so fancy but these all looked really good so yay. :)

 I'll buy them once I get a better coupon... I know we can do better than 10% off. :p  Especially since I also want to buy two HUGE frames for my really nice Castlevania posters at about $175 a pop.  Still, that's pretty awesome for frames with a 20x28 mat opening, plus double mats AND non-glare plexiglass.

Haha, and before you ask, no, I'm not getting paid to advertise.  I just love cheap stuff!


  1. Nice choices. I'm off to see what FramesByMail are about. My finishes are piling up and Michaels is getting more expensive by the day.

  2. Nice finished with beautiful framed.

  3. They look beautiful framed. I only pay for my large ones to be professionally framed, I do the small ones myself. I think the Mirabilia ones look amazing :)

  4. Love your frames and stitching: will have to get round to framing some of my finishes too.

  5. Wow they are amazing! You are so talented doing your own framing as well.

  6. Wow. I was just on their website! I found the exact frame I'd like for one of my finishes! Have you dealt with them before. How reliable are they? Are their pictures true to what the frame looks like?


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