Saturday, August 24, 2013

frame plans!

Okay, I hate framing my own stuff... it's a fussy and tedious process, but when you realize that you're paying an average of $30 per frame rather than $200+ to have someone do it for you... yeaaaaah.

So I got my butt over to Frames By Mail today and picked out frames for seven projects!  Here's the sample pictures I saved from the site.  I really like that you can upload your own pictures and see exactly what it will look like.  You have to use the "classic viewer" though - the link's at the bottom left of the screen if you decide to check it out. :D

I didn't choose mats for all of them, so let's sort them.

No mats first.  Iris (on the right) will be framed with no fabric showing, I just had a cruddy picture of my finish so it looks like a white mat. :x  And the wisteria doesn't have a mat either, I had to add a border to the picture to represent all the free fabric I'm leaving around the image. :p

And all of these do have mats.  I went nuts with double mats for once... I usually don't go for something so fancy but these all looked really good so yay. :)

 I'll buy them once I get a better coupon... I know we can do better than 10% off. :p  Especially since I also want to buy two HUGE frames for my really nice Castlevania posters at about $175 a pop.  Still, that's pretty awesome for frames with a 20x28 mat opening, plus double mats AND non-glare plexiglass.

Haha, and before you ask, no, I'm not getting paid to advertise.  I just love cheap stuff!

Monday, August 19, 2013

a leafy flower

I shouldn't complain about not getting anywhere on this because progress is clearly being made.  Maybe not as fast as I want, but I blame video games, as usual...

Colors are a bit overexposed from the color correction, but it's better than the colorless blob that comes from taking a picture without flash and NOT correcting it.  The color variations aren't quite as striking in real life, but this looks nice too.

Decided to do the leaves in a lighter green so I wouldn't have to buy too much silk... should only need one pink and one dark green at this rate.  Hoping 123Stitch will get the new Mira up soon, I want to order her along with the silks I need so shipping can be combined...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

all my Miras

Took this pic for a FB group and thought it would be nice to post here too!  Next time I complain about never finishing anything, kick me. :p

You still don't get a sense of how HUGE Titania is from this pic.  Must be the angle!

The WIPs are:
- top right:  September Sapphire Fairy (my wife's project)
- middle right:  Gypsy Mermaid
- bottom center:  Bluebeard's Princess

Back to working on An Important Flower for me...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

a growing flower

Latest progress on An Important Flower...

I need more pink, and I know I'll need more green too... but I don't want to order just one skein and find out I actually needed two.  Maybe I should just play it safe and get two.

But what if I need three?  Ugh!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I need an intervention

Someone take the needle away before I hurt myself.

So I'm in a FB SAL (yes again) for An Important Flower by Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks (you can buy it here as a PDF download) and that combined with another stitch count challenge has led to insanity.

The AAN SAL started on August 1 and by the 4th or so, I had this.

I didn't pick it up again for a few days.  Then the stitch count challenge kicked in.  It was only 600 stitches from Thursday to Sunday, but let's just say I stopped counting when I hit 1416...

These two pics were taken TODAY, one at about noon and the other at about 11pm.  And yes, I did do other things today!  Mostly playing Torchlight II but hey, that's something else even if it's just games. :p

I only stopped working on the pink because I ran out of thread!

I need to go to bed. XD