Thursday, July 04, 2013

um, I forgot someone

Oh, right, I never posted a pic of the PR mermaid SAL!  Here's part one all finished.

She's stitched on PTP Calypso Belfast.  The color isn't quite as bright as it appears here, but it is a nice and intense blue.  Part two is out already and I've started it as well, there's just not much to show yet, and there really won't be even when I finish because I'm saving the beading for the end.

Okay, done posting for today. ;)


  1. Very pretty. I started the last SAL but somehow fell out of love with her, this is looking gorgeous though!

  2. It looks beautiful, especially with the backstitching. I still haven't finished page 1 of last year's PR Fairy Mystery SAL, so I didn't sign up for this one.

  3. Wow our fabric is so similar for this SAL. I haven't started yet as I just received the blingy thread in the mail. Looks beautiful, great start!
    Alicia xox

  4. Looks like a great sal :D Love the colour of the fabric, and those little fishies :D

  5. Gorgeous colour fabric. I look forward to seeing more progress on this one :)


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