Sunday, July 28, 2013

two little finishes!

I'm doing a FB challenge, trying to do 2500 stitches in 9 days, and tackling some older projects to try and rack up the stitch count!  I finished two little Dimensions kits I started last year some time... kind of sad considering it took me about a day on each to get them all done.

Left:  Daydreams White Orchid
Right:  Creative Accents Bell (one of a six-part set I'll finish... some day...)

Now they just need to be finished... the orchid gets popped in a simple frame that came with the kit, and the bells become a little ornament.

I also put some stitches into my Mirabilia Bluebeard's Princess, but I don't have a pic right now.  Maybe tomorrow. :)  Her hair has some crazy color changes but it looks soooo good.

Between the two kits and the progress on mermaid hair, I think I have at least 1000 stitches!


  1. looking so cuteeeeeeeeeeee x

  2. They are both very pretty. Great job.

  3. Very cute finishes. :) Bluebeard's Princess sure does have some crazy hair!! I just stitched her for a RR, wow that hair was crazy!

  4. Wow, these are beautiful and look rather dimensional - or is ts just me, lol XD They are lovely anyway


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