Tuesday, June 11, 2013

charmed hearts #2

I finished the hearts yesterday, so all I did today was the bit of border you see here.  Not great progress, but I have to admit that I'm not really liking this project.  The colors are too muted for my taste and I'm not really a big fan of cutesy heart stuff.  And I'm not looking forward to the huge outer border that's outside the cream colored border (just begun in the top left).

Well.  I'll just keep going anyway.

Sorry for the terrible pic, cell phone camera plus artificial light = blah.  It's actually a lot paler in real life.  Interesting that you can actually see the texture of the white border here, it just looks like a jumble of random stitching on the actual piece.

So that's kind of a boring post.  Maybe I'll have a giveaway soon... I have a bunch of extra / finished charts that could use a good home and I don't like whining in my blog so much.  Think happy. :p


  1. The hearts look beautiful!!! The outer border looks a little tedious, good luck!

  2. Sorry it's not making you happy. Looks good from here!

  3. I think it is looking really nice. You may not like it, but I'm sure it would make a lovely gift for someone.

  4. Why don't you rip out the white border you've started and just consider it finished? Then you can stitch on something else that you enjoy.

  5. Did you get your border to work out ok??
    Mine didn't and needed some fiddling about with and since then I've lost interest in it and have thought about not doing the outside border


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